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The Natural Hair Movement

No description

shandell Glass

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of The Natural Hair Movement

The Natural Hair Movement
The Slave Trade and Natural Hair Movement
Slave traders used hair as one of the tactics to divide and to break African pride. Slave trade banned the used of tradition braids and dreads . Every Slave that exited the boat was to have any trace of africa stripped from them. The strongest traces of Africa was represented through the hair , therefore, African Hair was cut off and demeaned.
After Slavery - Post Civil War
Origins of the Natural Hair Movement
Pre Slavery- African Hair was an symbol of social status, health , and hygiene.
African used specialized combs and oil to groom ones hair . Coconut oil and Shea butter was use to maintain hair .
Slavery- During slavery slaves where in an new environment that did not have the oil or herbs to maintain hair. Slave used bacon grease, kerosene,and butter.
Inferiority upon the same race
During the post -civil war , there was an divide among the race . The divide was between African American that wanted to assimilate physically and those that did not. W.E.B Dois developed an ideologyt of "two-ness " which advocated some assimilation , but none in phyical features. Whereas Booker T. Washington wanted total assimilation including physical characteristics.
Scientific Treatment
During the Post-Civil War , Black Owned companies started to remedy the problem of "nappy hair ". Madame C. J. Walker invented the press and curl through the hot comb. George E. Johnson created the relaxer which used dangerous toxic chemicals to straighten the hair. Scientific treatments were used to demonize African American hair.
The Beginning of Civil Rights and Black Power
During the beginning of the Civil rights Era , African American started to look at the features differently. Black Power movements started to embrace the blacknesss that they had inherited from there african ancestory . During this time "the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice" phase was used in full context .
A beautiful Diaster . The Natural Hair Movement
Feelings about Natural Hair
After civil war, many african american were forced to assimilate into American Standards of beauty to survive in Post Civil War .. African American who had well groom straighten hair was consider to be well breed negroes .
The 2000's "Sistas love the weave"
With the down fall of Afros and afrocentric Hair , the rise of weaves take over the black hair care industry which brings the blacks out of controlling their own hair market and letting indian or Asian hair sellers in to the market .
The Natural Movement
Late 2000s the natural hair movement was revived . The natural hair movement started the trend for African American Women to start embracing their natural hair .The Naatural Hair Movement started to think differently about health , beauty and the black women's body in general.
The Natural Hair Movement : Moving Forward
The natural hair movement has also bought the black ownership to hair market . African American man are starting to also trying to embrace their natural hair as well as black womens natural hair . The natural hair movement is reviving the black is beautiful movement for modern day black women.
There are still struggles with in the natural hair movement .Struggles include the arguement whether natural hair is unclean, well kept, or even professional .
New Natural Models
Black Power Afro
Carol daughter ( black own company with black woman and man as endorsers )
New Naturals
Post- Civil War
Scientific treatment
The Hot Comb
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