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Apple's strategic decisions

No description

Julian Bode

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Apple's strategic decisions

iPod Introduced in 2001
Portable mp3 player
Award winning design
Good usability
Different versions for every user
Aggressive pricing
Connection with iTunes software iMac Introduced in 1998
All-in-one PC
Trendy design
Good usability
Simpel & stable Apple's general strategy Narrowing down the product range
Replacing management positions
Cooperation with Microsoft
Stop of licensing iPhone Introduced in 2007
Beautiful design
Good usability
Pricing System
Connection to own software & App store
Only one model iPad Introduced in 2010
Last product introduced by Jobs
The replacement of the computer Conclusion Strategic decisions were very right
Amazing development within the last 15 years
Apple uses a diversification strategy
Several products have a "Blue ocean strategy"
This is an example of winning strategy Strategic decisions Apple's Apple's situation in 1997 Only 4% market share for PCs
Annual losses >1Billion US$
Fluctuation in the management Return of Steve Jobs as CEO What did Steve Jobs change? What are the general strategic points? Innovation
Connection 1997 to 2013 How is Apple's situation today? Huge market-share
Few but successful products
Big profits
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