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Welcome Back

No description

Joey Danner

on 9 August 2017

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Transcript of Welcome Back

Hello, and welcome back to Milwee!
This is your social studies class!

The bearded gentleman in the bright pants is who you're looking for. His name is
Mr. Danner
Make sure to say hi to him.
This classroom will be home to two classes:
8th grade American History;

7th/8th grade Engaged Citizenship Through Service Learning

Both classes will need the following supplies:
Paper (DUH!)
Pencils (Double DUH!)
Class Colored Binder
Both classes will use technology on a pretty regular basis. We have a few iPads and computers, but students will also be permitted to use their phones

for academic purposes

Here are a few of the digital
resources we'll be using this year in U.S. History.
This our class website. It's like our digital classroom, but I simply refer to it as "The Blog". Check "The Blog" to find daily updates and assignments. Parents and students should also take a few minutes to browse through the site as a whole to learn more about the class.
ClassDojo is a tool we'll use this year to track class participation and behaviors. You can learn more about this tool at ClassDojo.com.
Finally, if students or parents have a twitter or Instagram account, you can follow me
. This is mostly for fun (school appropriate fun, of course), but sometimes I'll post things related to our content or school.
Last thing for history students, before you take off:
Take a card from one of the tables. This card has Mr. Danner's contact info, as well as the web addresses for our U.S. History class websites, AwesomeDanner.com and TreeOfEd.com. Take a moment at home, to skim through these pages and start to familiarize yourself with how they work.
8th grade American History
students will also need 3 folder dividers, like this (They are normally sold in sets of five).
Very often, "The Blog" will link to TreeOfEd.com, which is kind of like a customized online textbook. This is where we house most of our major assignments.
1st Period - Black
2nd Period - White
3rd Period - Green
4th Period - Blue
6th Period - Red
7th Period - Yellow
Students and parents can get text message reminders about projects, homework and upcoming tests and quizzes by subscribing to my Remind feed. Just send the message
@DannerUS to the number 81010
I highly recommend students and parents signing up for this.
Student Congress (and really everyone)...
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