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Napoleon Presentation

No description

amanda_danelle green

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Napoleon Presentation

Napoleon Bonaparte Glittering Generalities - He is making himself look taller and he is placing his hand on the crown as a symbol of authority. 1. Descriptive
2. Behavior
3. The elite people
4. You could answer "Was he in authority".
5. You could not answer "Why was he in authority". Cardstaking - He is trying to make himself look superior and in charge.
Elite people.
You could answer if he was captian or not, by the clothes he is wearing.
You could not answer about the common pictures by looking at this picture. Plain folk - because this picture is Napoleon's wife.The common family would have a picture of the their kids and wife/husband to show that they are just average like everyone else.
Ordinary people.
You can answer that Napoleon had a wife and a child.
If that is really how his wife acted.
Pinpointing the enemy - Because he has his sword and the flag and it shows that he is protecting his country.
Ordinary people.
You could answer whether he was a good leader or not.
You could not answer what battle he is in. Transfer - Because he is showing that he is in charge.
Elite people.
You could answer that he was a powerful person.
You could not answer what he is in charge of.
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