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JP Morgan Chase

No description

Hannah Bostron

on 18 April 2014

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Transcript of JP Morgan Chase

Mission/Vision Statement
"At JPMorgan Chase, we want to be the best financial services company in the world. Because of our great heritage and excellent platform, we believe this is within our reach."

Corporate Long-term Strategies
Global Cities Initiative
5-year plan
$10 million initiative
Partnered with The Brookings Institution
Supports economic growth by strengthening trade & investment ties between cities in the U.S & across the globe.
Corporate Short-term Strategies
Impact Investing
Careers for Veterans
Community Development
Nonprofit Financing
Clean Energy Investments
Core Business Strategies & Tactics
Small Business Lending
$20 billion in new credit to U.S small businesses, ranked #1 Small Business Administration lender for 4th year in a row.
Home Lending
$190 billion in loans for home purchase or refinance in 2012.
Serving Consumers
External Environment
Economic Recovery
Many economies are recovering from the global financial crisis, governments, companies.
Population Growth & Urbanization
Public Sector Constraints
Energy and Climate Change
Promote an open culture within
Operate with consistent principles
"Our values are reflected in the way that we conduct our business and in the first-class results that we consistently achieve for our clients."
Porter's 5 Forces
Bargaining Power of Investors (5)
Investment Technology (6)
Global Info Technology (5)
NCR (Computer hardware and Electronics) (3)
Barriers to Entry (8)
Product Differentiation (7)
Capital Requirements (9)
Brand Identity (7)
Switching Costs (2)
Bargaining Power of Consumers (3)
Cost to switch services (4)
Impact of unhappy customers (3)
Service standards (6)
Product Differentiation (2)
Rivalry Among Existing Firms (8)
Rivalry among consumer banking (9)
Exit Barriers (8)
Advertising Battles (8)
Product Differentiation (2)
Threat of Substitutes (4)
Online banks (USAA, iGobanking, AmericaNet Bank, Bank of Internet USA)
Western Union
Prepaid Cards (VISA, American Express, WalMart Money Card)
Check Cashing Facilities
Competitors for JPMC
Bank of America Corporation
Citigroup Inc.
Barclays PLC
Competitors for CHASE
Wells Fargo
Bank of America
Key Competitors
Internal Environment:
A Unique Opportunity
Key Resources & Capabilities
Human Resources
Customer Service
Online Services
Chase Paymentech
Fraud Protection
Value Chain Analysis
Internal Efficiency
Internal Audits
Control Activities
Employee Training
Compliance Controls
Regulations and Requirements
Reduction of Expenses
Green Initiative
Reduction of Paper Waste
Restructuring of Incentives and Bonus Rewards for Employees
SWOT Analysis
Strong Brand Name
Global Presence
Excellent Customer Service
Largest bank in US
Dependence on US markets
Stiff competition from other US financial services
Bad press from JPMC's subsidiaries
Expansion to other countries
Investments across the world
Changes in government regulations
Recovering Mortgage market
Fluctuating investment markets
Financial Position:
Consumer Banking
Revenue -8%
Expenses -3%
Net Income +2%
Profitability Ratios
Return on Assets 0.73
Return on Common Equity 8.38
Operating Profit Margin 35.43
Net Profit Margin 16.37
Basel I Tier 1 common of $149 billion; ratio of 10.7%
Estimated Basel III Tier 1 common ratio of 9.5%
HQLA $522 billion; LCR 112%
Marketing Position
Company Growth
Industry Growth
Competitor Growth
Corporate Social Responsibility Activities
Long-Term Options

Short-Term Options
Long-Term "Fit"

Primary Activities
Products & Distribution
Marketing and Sales
Support Activities
Firm Infrastructure
HR Management
Techological Development
Marketing Strategy
Knowing Customers
Acquiring Subsidiaries
Positive Advertising

Chase's Growth
2011 $97,234
2012 $97,031
2013 $ 96,606
Net Income
2011 $18,976
2012 $21,284
2013 $17,923
2011 $4.50
2012 $5.22
2013 $4.39
50 million customers

2011 $ 87,597
2012 $ 91,247
2013 $88,069
Net Income
2011 $15,869
2012 $18,897
2013 $21,878
2011 $2.85
2012 $3.40
2013 $3.95
70 million customers
Top Management
James Dimon
Chairman of the Board

Board of Directors
11 Members
Douglas Braunstein
Mary Callahan Erdoes
Daniel Pinto
Matthew Zames

Poison Pills
Not adopted
Requires shareholder vote
Unless necessary
Stock Price
Finance Industry
Wells Fargo
Bank of America

Global Strategy
Headquarters in New York
Operates in over 60 countries
Integrated local capabilities
Core Competencies
Customer Service
Technological Advances

Competitive Advantage
Brand Name
Lending Practices

Competitor Growth: Wells Fargo
Adverstise and promote "Green Initiative"
Paperless first option
Partner with existing co-brands: Disney, Amazon, Marriott, etc. to expand green initiative; offer incentives.
Reduction of company "swag"
Reduce unnecessary and expensive equipment
coin counters
Phase-out commercial banking
Invest in Australian market
Reward system for co-brands
Investment in Affordable housing
Earnings Per Share
2013 ........................ 4.39
2012 ........................ 5.22
2011 ........................ 4.50
2010 ........................ 3.98
2009 ........................ 2.24
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