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HUB Practice & Innovation Gathering, Stockholm 2012

A download of key highlights & outputs from the HUB Practice & Innovation Gathering 2012

Eleanor Whitley

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of HUB Practice & Innovation Gathering, Stockholm 2012

HUB Practice & Innovation Gathering, Stockholm 2012 A download of key highlights DAY 1
Innovation & Impact in the Social Economy The State of the Social Economy:
What Role Does Innovation Play? See the presentation: http://bit.ly/RkLkYi Presentation & Discussion with Mikolaj Norek, Karl Adam Bonnier Foundation HUB Practice & Innovation Gathering
Stockholm, September 11th-14th 2012
A digest of activity, output and learning The Gathering focused on these themes:

COLLABORATE: To build our global community, connect and get to know each other. Identify opportunities for collaboration within and for the Network.

PRACTICE: To understand and make best use of current Network knowledge, solutions and practices on critical areas of development.

INNOVATE: To explore the next level of the HUB: our ambition and strategic focus locally and globally; new business lines exploration.

INSPIRE: To identify our common approaches to living our values & communicating the Hub identity. 55 Participants from
24 open HUBs & initiatives
Founders, Management,
Team Members, HUB Associates, HUB Co Full participant contact list: http://bit.ly/PrUuQ6 WHO? NESTA & HUB: Full Presentation: http://bit.ly/SSUTe5
Workshop: http://bit.ly/So8v0j
Workshop Notes: http://bit.ly/UNqqns
Follow up with hinnerk.hansen@thehub.net or ruth.puttick@nesta.org.uk Scale & Growth: Can a venture stay innovative and impact driven whilst scaling? A conversation with Johan Beckmann, Powerfy; Soledad Pinero Misa, Retoy; Claes Norden, Ekskaret Following the day of external inspiration. The gathering moved to the island of Ekskaret, owned and run by HUB Stockholm member (who we'd just met) Claes Norden (of the Ekskaret Foundation).
For more information: http://www.stiftelsenekskaret.se/ Watch the event on Bambuser http://bit.ly/ODDKF2 Followed by an evening of canoe racing, saunas & bonfires. A true Nordic experience... GOLD for the Dutch! DAY 2
Practice TRACK 1: BASICS: Understand, via best practices, how to build, manage a HUB in a successful way. A prepared download & Q&A with Community of Practice members TRACK 2: PRACTICE EVOLUTION: Evolve the operating model & activity The Role of the HUB http://bit.ly/PWzzFH Watch the session on Bambuser Reconnect with, and create a connected understanding around the role of The HUB within the context of the current (and desired) world we live in. What is the HUB to you.
What inspires you to be part of it? Energy through people and space
Professional entertainment
Being the key to connecting people & ideas
A larger purpose
Contributing to a better world
Positive worldview
Making a difference together with friends
Being part of meaningful work / more than a job
A catalyst & cycle of inspiration & vision
Genuine, real, relationships
A rare model that practices by doing
Leader in shifting the economy in the near future
A great working environment
No limits!
Sharing of practices
Sense of belonging
Collaboration to drive innovation
Similar core values, different backgrounds
Trust What is your
sense of our shared understanding of the
HUB? ? The content is our glue
Branding Mutual support
Group of 'doers'
Shared conversations, learning environments, shared learning Create fertile environments
Family / Community of change-makers
Establishing a new way of doing business
Subscribe to the HUB identity
Building lasting relationships
Shared values
We have a global community: Global efforts encourage local efforts Ask the unasked question
Dare to hold up a larger vision - have hope
Be a role model / Be an example for others to follow
Critical reflection
Advocacy for the cause
Enable the individuals to have impact
Prototype the future
Be a connector & facilitator
Empower the weakest point
Allow cultures to co-exist
Embody collaboration not competition What role does the world
need The HUB to play now? How can we bring our shared identity to life everyday at
The HUB? Be what we say we are Be ambassadors of change Match making: Build community Collaborate & share Events: Breakfasts, lunches, social innovation camps etc Through partnerships Transfer HUB principals to other walks of life / companies Become globally 'alive' Practice what we preach Keep mapping Hold dialogues around key global issues Work on creating & retaining outside relationships CoP: Management & Operations CoP: Collaborative Space & Design CoP: Business Development CoP: Member Attraction & Community Design
(Now evolved to CoP: Attraction & Communication) CoP: Community Hosting See the presentation: http://bit.ly/PEiC30
Join the group on HUBnet: http://bit.ly/VEwJYu (permission: @christophbirkholtz / @gabrielaagandel) See the presentation:
Join the group on HUBnet: http://bit.ly/QD8W80
(permission: @eleanorwhitley
or anyone you
know is in the group) See the presentation:
Join the group on HUBnet: http://bit.ly/RVP1WR
(permission: @andreapaoletti /
@cristinarebolo ) See the presentation:
Join the group on HUBnet: http://bit.ly/QSOErB
(permission: @gailrego) See the presentation:
Join the group on HUBnet: http://bit.ly/NPwCbI
(permission: @soledadpons) Download the
HUB Practice Guides here:
No password? Fill in this: https://podio.com/webforms/1782756/116834 For a digest of all practice evolution ideas, teams,
and next steps go here: http://bit.ly/SwQnai http://bit.ly/Pll9ht Watch the session on Bambuser Start a CoP on HUBnet:
1. Start a private project & name in CoP: [name]
2. Invite us via the hosts & founders project
3. Tell @soledadpons (our global virtual host)
4. Keep the conversation going This http://bit.ly/S3QG77
is an overview and contact list for all Network level projects, explore & get involved! And, when the internet works, some time for a quick (outdoor?) Skype DAY 4
Taking it Home Now we are apart again, you might find this useful to know: What's going on in the Network: a map of projects, groups, initiatives and how to get involved:

Network directory (who's who in HUB):

Brand information, Practice Guides download & more:

Keep the conversations going:

All the flip charts & gathering notes (for flip chart junkies):

Who was at the Gathering (in case you missed it):

HUB Stockholm Bambuser link (for all live stream):

HUB Network Flickr account (add your pictures!)
(username: thehubworld password: ourpictures) A final thank you to all for a wonderful week & for the harvest contributions (created by the facilitation team). See you in
Bucharest...? And finally for the day, we worked on... Principles of Leadership in the HUB Network http://bambuser.com/v/2977107 pt 1
http://bambuser.com/v/2977157 pt 2 Watch the session on Bambuser Local
Innovations A catch up on innovative activity & plans in local HUBs
http://bit.ly/SjX9u1 Our Network's Future: Where shall we go? An update & invitation. Exploring the role practice can play in our Network's growth:
What areas of our practice should we open source? How should we do it? http://bit.ly/PErntT DAY 3
An exploration of
current & new
network innovations Concrete plans for HUBs to focus on, collaboratively, that will significantly impact our future... all plans are at: The Innovation Lab http://bit.ly/RW1r0M TECH UPDATE http://bit.ly/UtLmLG Award Ceremony And, just like that, so fast, it was the end. This is what you thought... highlights, suggestions & questions you still hold...http://bit.ly/NPCPVg For more information on what HUB Melbourne are working on, see: http://bit.ly/Pr6amm Why HUB Melbourne?
"They are an example of an ideal Hub where members are engaged and creating impact."
"Great sharing of best practices that are unique and innovative"
"Because they impress with their level of innovation, member attraction and fast pace from idea to realization."
"Innovation and transparency".
"Local success but keep a global contribution and belief"
"Great team" So we can respect the work of each other
& understand better how to capture & build
global culture in local environments, we
created an award! HUB MELBOURNE! Closely followed by runners-up... HUB AMSTERDAM! GOLD FOR THE AUSSIES! Why HUB Amsterdam:
"They are constantly innovating but with a strong social purpose plus they are a super lovely team"
"They are constantly coming up with new innovations/initiatives, but most importantly share those with the network, open championing community building"
"Art of hosting"
"They are good role models"
"They strive to represent their (our) values through their programming, events, member selection, etc"
"Because they keep going deeper and making better what is already an amazing HUB experience for impact" Voting took place, and the 1st annual 'Most Rocking-It HUB' Award went to,,,, For the presentation ask: simon.ulvund@the-hub.net Now...

Go and make sure your team have seen this (truly outstanding) digest.

And as Simon says... Share the experience & learning with your team
Continue projects/initiatives established there
Invite team members / sister HUBs to participate in projects/initiatives established there Made so you can... Please feel free to contact Mikolaj on: m@mikolajnorkek.com Watch the event on Bambuser http://bit.ly/ODDKF2 Watch the event on Bambuser http://bit.ly/ODDKF2

- Why impact measurement and evidence is important

- Nesta’s Standards of Evidence for Impact Investing

- The HUB network's impact theory

- Next steps...
> Join the HUBnet project on impact measurement and membership mapping: email hinnerk.hansen@the-hub.net
> Take the Survey: What type of data or analysis do you/your HUB want to collect when looking into HUB Impact Measurement? http://bit.ly/VC5kq0 Ideas & topics evolved = member admin
(isabelle, zurich) HUBnet &
(sole, HUB co) mapping:
current & continuous
(jeff - bay area) community management: value & formats
(niels, zurich) hospitality business unit
(marieke, amsterdam) shared business services
stockholm, madrid,
bucharest) business lines development
(gabiza, HUB co) communication & attraction (gail, HUB co) WHY?
Given our vision & commitment to excellence in practice, we felt leadership was one area we have not often talked about. Our approach to leadership is key to the implementation of our vision and the happiness of our teams.

Together, we created 5 key principles of leadership we believe The HUB network should be guided by at local, cross-local and global level, in our everyday interactions and every activity we undertake.

THE FULL RESULT: http://bit.ly/PlrREc Lead...

1. By example

2. Responsibly

3. With trust

4. With courage

5. Collaboratively A shared
programming & events
data base strengthening existing & supporting new HUBS 100 stories for a better world from the HUB Network HUB B&B HUB Check-In
system HUB Education An update on the technical infrastructure that will enable us to continue practicing our basics, evolving our practice and innovating & collaborating on projects that are cool. Add your pictures to the HUB Network Flickr account
(username: thehubworld password: ourpictures) Then it was time to leave the island and peaceful surroundings, for a party in Stockholm... Special thanks to our host, HUB Stockholm.
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