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Limerick City, old and new

How Shitty Limerick Turned into New, Shitty Limerick

raul de la Ossa

on 18 March 2011

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Transcript of Limerick City, old and new

Limerick City:
The Old City and the New City Old Limerick City Crest New Limerick City Crest (approved in 2006) Sports This prestigious award comes as the result of a pitch made earlier this year by Shannon Development and Limerick City Council to the European Capitals of Sport Association (ACES) "This award opens up huge potential in terms of benefits for the City, and it complements our efforts to brand Limerick as a world renowned sports tourism and business destination. Dr. Vincent Cunnane Churches St. Mary's Cathedral St. John's Cathedral Famous for its bells Dominican Church and Tait's Clock Art The gallery has an important section to honor men and women who had made history in Limerick and limerick born artists. "Abundance" by Amelia Stein "Trompe Le Monde" A section is dedicated to honor important people of limerick, history makers and artists. Transportation Limerick City is aware that a system of transportation that reduces polution was necesary, therefore a route for cyclists was planned The bus service route Traffic Fines in Limerick City
OffenceFine amount
For the range of Parking Offences€40
For non-display of current Tax Disc€60
For illegal parking in a Disabled Parking Bay€80 River Shannon River Shannon, the longest river in Ireland, rising in northwestern County Cavan and flowing for about 161 miles in a southerly direction to enter the Atlantic Ocean via a 70-mile estuary below Limerick city . In books like Angela´s Ashes by Frank McCourt this river is mentioned as the main concerns of the inhabitants of Limerick. Limerick City was first established
by the vikins in the 922 A.D. After that on the follwing 100 years, the Irish
and the Vikings fought with each other over the
control of Limerick. This continued until the Vikings
were slowly absorbed into Irish society It was in 1194 that the English
captured Limerick In the years from 1200 to 1210,
King John's Castle was built During the next hundreds of years,
there were many attempts to reconquer
Ireland from the English with some
success although the English would defeat
the rebellion and earn back Limerick. It is now time for some Limerick History! After the conflicts, Limerick then
had its medieval walls demolished.
The city then went through reconstruction
and developed into the city it is today. In the 1930s, Limerick was a port City of Ireland
due to its nearness to the Shannon River Guinness was a very famous beer
Throughout all of Ireland. Like Frank
McCourt's father, many Irish in Limerick
would drink Guinness at nars in Limerick Limerick was the second most
populous country in all of Ireland
in 1936 with 41,036 inhabitants.
it was second only to Dublin. Even though the city had over 22 thousand adults living in it,
there were approximetly 12,452 people without a job. Limerick was a relatively small city of
about 2836 acres. Limerick was on of
the most dense places in Ireland. The
inhabitan-per-acre ratio of Limerick was
of 14. Education University of Limerick Limerick Instute of Technology Mary Immaculate College
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