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Trip to Hawaii

No description

Cup Cake

on 19 January 2016

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Transcript of Trip to Hawaii

Is it


to go

on a

nice trip

to Hawaii

with a


of only


Flights + Hotel
On Hotwire.com we found that bundling our plane ride and hotel costs would save us a lot of money.
Attractions and Fun
The Hyatt Place Waikiki Beach offers nice rooms, complimentary continental breakfasts, and free wireless internet.
We decided to go with two connecting flights on American Airlines.
The plane tickets and hotel together are only $4,514! The ratio of flights and hotels separately to the two together is $5,134 to $4,514.
Factoring in flights, hotels, transportation, food, and attractions, we learned that it IS possible for a family of four to travel to Hawaii for one week with only a $6,000 budget!
The trip would be based in Honolulu on Oahu Island, but we would make some day trips across this island or to other islands in Hawaii. Our hotel is in Waikiki Beach, which is a neighborhood of Honolulu on the coast of Oahu Island.
Money Check and Calculations:
total $ - flight/hotel =
amount left over
$6,000 - $4,614 =
August 19th through August 26th
Money Check and Calculations:
Money Check and Calculations:
Our hotel, Hyatt Place Waikiki Beach, has breakfast included. Every morning we would eat fruit, juice, breakfast sandwiches, oatmeal, cereal, or other varieties of breakfast food from the a.m. Kitchen Skillet bar.
Hula Dog: American
Meal Schedule:
Serino's Pizza: Italian
Marukame Udon: Asian
Rainbow Drive-In: American
For our real-world math project in school, we decided to figure out if it was possible for a family of four with two adults and two kids (ages 12 and 14) to go on an enjoyable vacation to Hawaii using $6,000 to cover all the costs for the trip.
by Ilana, Emma, and Lucy
August 20
August 22
August 25
August 21
August 23
Money Check and Calculations:
Yogurtland: Frozen Yogurt
Saint Germain: Bakery
Thank you!
We would also go on a kayaking trip

in Kailua Bay, Oahu.
There is a beach right next to our hotel (Hyatt Place Waikiki Beach) so we could easily hang out at the beach for an afternoon.
Price to rent two double kayaks: $124.31
One double kayak: $58
58 x 2 = 116
$116 + 4.5% sales tax = $124.31
It only takes 28 minutes to walk across Waikiki Beach (the neighborhood we will be staying in)! We figured that we could mostly walk and take the bus if we needed to. There is a beach right next to our hotel and all the other activities that we would do for fun provide transportation.
(for the bus)
Assuming that the family would take the bus about five times, the total cost for bus fares would be $37.50.

The total amount of money for taxis, including all four cab rides, would be $125.

Total price for transportation: $162.50
We would also need a cab to go to our hotel from the airport and back to the airport from the hotel in Hawaii.
We would need a cab to go from the house in Brookline to Logan airport and then from the airport back to the house.
Waikiki Beach
Price for a trip to the beach:
$0! (the beach is free)
Today we would go on a snorkeling tour in Hanauma Bay.
Snorkeling in Hanauma Bay
We would take another trip to the beach today! Since the nearest beach is so close to our hotel, we could go there whenever we felt like having a more relaxing day.
Total cost of food (including every single meal, snacks, and tax): $634.21
Price for an afternoon of snorkeling:
Price for a trip to the beach:
again, $0!
The plan for today would be to go wind day sailing with Waikiki Rigger Catamaran Trade.
Price for wind sailing:
To figure out the price of all of the meals plus tax, we had to do a lot of calculations using decimals, fractions, and percents.
total $ - transportation =
amount left over

- $162.50 =
total $ - food =
amount left over
$1,223.50 - $634.21 =
Today we would hike to Makapu'u Point and see the lighthouse on the top of the hill.
Total price for all attractions that cost money:
total $ - attractions =
amount left over
$589.29 - $505.38 =
1. Flights!
2. Hotel!
3. Total Cost!
Wind Sailing
Makapu'u Point
Price for a hike to Makapu'u Point:
$0 because the hike does not cost any money!
$25 for each bag
$50 for each way
$100 in all
Baggage Check!
August 26
Today we would go to the USS Arizona Memorial.
Today's plan would be to go to Byoda-In Temple and walk through the gardens
Family Vacation!
Cost for 4 tickets to the USS Arizona Memorial: $8
Adults: $3
Child: $1
Here is a doughnut chart to show where all of our money is going...
Our Schedule for the Week!
Price to walk through Byoda-In Temple's gardens:
August 24
USS Arizona Memorial
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