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Jill's Mock Trail

No description

Marla Pridgen

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Jill's Mock Trail

Mock Trial Hansel and Gretel Schmidt By: Jill Patel The Case Hansel and Gretel Schmidt are in court because when they went to Malvinia's shop to get a job,but they hurt Malvinia. They have a civil case filed against them. So that is the basic of the case. This case is against Hansel and Gretel Schmidt. Why we study Mock Trial There is a lot of reasons we study Mock trial. They are to learn the law, to learn about the jury, pick law as a career path, to understand the legal system, and to learn about the our rights, constitution, and responsibilities. Why study Mock Trail We study Mock Trail for a reason listed below. Court Room Layout Witness Testimony Prosecuting Attorney Vocabulary for 1-8-13 We have vocabulary. Verdict A verdict is the jury's decision at the end of the trail. Like if the pick who is guilty and not guilty. A witness is somebody that gives a testimony about what they know A statement a witness gives under oath about the case . The lawyer from the state side that is against the defendant My Part in Mock Trail 1-8-13 This week I just picked my part. My part is a prosecution attorney. 1-15-13 My part in Mock Trail This week I made up questions for the witnesses to answer. I worked with Malvinia to make up questions, and to tell her what she is going to need to know for her parts for the question I will ask her and maybe the defendant might ask her. Objection Witness Stand Charge Overrule Vocabulary for 1-15-13 When the other team thinks that the lawyer up is not asking the right thing then they say this word. Civil Case Criminal Case Both It is a case that no laws are broken. In case like a civil case nobody goes to jail.
This is a case that laws are broken, and somebody goes to jail most of the time. They both are a case in the court. Everything is same in the court for both kinds of cases. Direct and Cross Questioning Direct Questioning Cross Questioning Direct questioning is when you are questioning the person from your side. This your side the one you are one. Cross questioning is when you questioning the person from the other side. Which is the people you are has this case against. A witness stand is where a witness is called up to give their testimony. Charge is what the defendant is accused of. Overrule is when a lawyer says objections and the judge does not agree than the judge says overrule. 1-22-13 My Part I worked with the person I am going to direct question. That is Malvinia. I came up with questions with Malvinia which I will probably ask her. I even came up with some cross questions. Defense Attorney Bailiff Jury Vocabulary 1-22-13 The defense attorney is the lawyer that is the defendant's lawyer. The bailiff is in charge of the defendant, he has to look over the jury,and swear the witness in. The bailiff is the police of the court. Judge The judge is the person who makes sure that the trial is fair. He sometimes uses his gravel to keep order in the court The jury are the people that listen to the witness and decide who the court favors for. My Part This week I made more question. We making questions we made a run through the trial, but not against the people we will probably will be going against in the trail, but we might get picked to go against them. I made some cross and direct but direct the most. I worked with the person a me going to direct question. I am direct question 1 person and cross question 2 people. Defendant Evidence Opening and closing statement Vocabulary 1-29-2012 A defendant is the person accused of doing something wrong. Proof that lawyers use to prove that their client is not guilty . Speeches gave in by a lawyer in the beginning of the trail and at the ending of that trail. Sustain When the judge agrees with a objection a lawyer makes then that is what the judge would say. My Part 2-5-13 Today we did a trail. We went through the entire trail today. We had a hang jury so we did not find out how the jury picked. We did have some mistakes in the trail, but we got through the trail.
The charcters on our side are Malvinia Crueler, Sammy Snipley, and Officer Bertie Jonhson. I direct question or question the person on our side. The one I question is Malvinia Crueler. On the other side are Hansel and Gretel Schmidt and also Jackie Horner.I cross qestion or question the person on the other are Hansel and Gretel Schmidt. 2-5-13 Today we started stock market . We got in to uor teams that we did not pick. We came up with the team name whick is Market Makers. We came up with team norms and also wrote some companies down for something. 2-12-13 We went through a trial. Our side won the case. Before going through a trail our team went through the questions and made the opening and closing statement. Then we got on the computers to do icivic. 2-26-13 We will go over the trial and practice every thing. We will finish wring everything where we will need for the real trail.The characters will go over their parts. I am a lawyer, so I will practice to do that . My costume I am going to wear a dress. It is black, and it looks casual. It looks like somehthing a lawyer might wear a case. I will probably keep my hair down. I will probably war some fancy slippers or fancy flats. Objections Hearsay-when a statement is made by a witness Speculation-it is a question or answer that is not based on what they know Strategy We do not really have a strategy, but we do have rules that are like our strategy. When the other people on the team find information that might be helpful they have to share it with the team. Relevance-when the question or answer does not have to do with the case Mock Trail Today we had mock trail at City Hall because we could not go to the court and not everybody got to do mock trail. I got to be the lawyer and most people were in the jury. There was more lawyers on both sides because we had to try out if we want a part. I did the closing statement and cross questioned Gretel. It was fun,and it was a good experience. Even if we did not get the trail the way we wanted Judge Boyett still came to be the judge. Here is a picture of me doing at City Hall.
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