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Describe how software and network security measures can keep

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mzingaye siziba

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of Describe how software and network security measures can keep

Describe how software and network security measures can keep IT systems secure P3
Encryption is used for translation of Different set of Data into a secret code that would be hard for anyone to break .The encryption have became popular around the world with banks,online shopping will ususally use encryption to make sure that all the Information of their customers will stay secure from being accesed.If a person is planning on reading the encrypted files they need to have access to a secret key or passowrd that would enables the user to be able to decrypt it.
Public and Private key
The private or secret key is an encryption/decryption key that is only used for the party or parties that want to be able to exchange secret messages without anyone ever reading their messege from the otherside of the world.The key that would be shared by the user who are communicating with each other so that each messege they send and they could only be able to encrypt or decrypt their messge.

The public key can only be used to effectively to encrypt all the messege and the digital signatures of the person who sent the messege.Having both public and private key is vital because it would allow the person to be able to send their messege in secret that no one could be able encrypt them and even if the user would like to be able to send private and confidental information and encryption will protect all the data prom being copied.
Call back
Callback allows the computer to be able to communicate with another computer in different part of the world.The computer user will be able to communicate and the other user will allows the computer to identfy the codes it need to continues the communications.
Call back might be able to protect all the necesary information from being taken on the computer.
Having Firewall will allow it to protect you and the rest of the computer that you are connected to,when using the Internet the user will be visible to people on the outside ,the user is likely to be visible on something called port.The firewall will be able to protect the computer by making a decision on whether to let the message in or not and if the Firewall is turned off the computer will be attacked within mins of the port being open and the user will be sent a lot popup messages and also other viruses will be loaded without the user knowing.The Firewall will protect all the data that are stored on the computer if it is turned on and no outside world will be able to get inside the computer harddirve to steal all the valurable information.
virus checking software
There are many different type of Virus Software that are available.Those software can be either Downloaded or bought at shops such as PC worlds and curry's.
There are different type of software that allows user to be able to buy them or download for free these software are including Kaspersky Internet Security,AVG,Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security,Norton and those software will be able to prevent virus from getting on the computer or the Internet.
Backup is the activity of copying files or databases so that they will be preserved in case of equipment failure or other catastrophe.
Backup is usually a routine part of the operation of large businesses with mainframes as well as the administrators of smaller business computers.
Back-up systems can be used to make sure that all the Private and confidential are stored correctly and most companies will need to make sure that they make copies of all the Important informations and stores them in a secure place.
The backup will be able to allows a to backup all the important files such as pesrsonal information and the user could be able to backup files either on the computer or in a storage
Backup might be able to protect all the files if the computer is being attacked or if it is damaged.
Audit logs
A audit logs can be used by a company in order to record what have their staff have accessed on the computer Systems both at home and office.The audit logs will determines what have been performed on the computer in different time when the person was at work.The company have their own database management systems that allows the network administrators to be able to investigate the use of all the network resources and this will also allow the administrators to be able to block any sites that have breached the company policy on visiting websites and downloading software in office time.This will make sure that the member of the company staff wont be able to make a copy of private and confidential Information's
The handshaking can allows the computer to be able to establish the connections between another computer or devices the handshake can be used to see weather the computer will be able to verify the connection,speed of the computer that it is trying to connect to.The modems have different capabilities which meant they will still need to be able to inform each other and settle for the highest transmission speed that both computer can use to use.

Ref: http://searchnetworking.techtarget.com/definition/handshaking
Disk less Network
No Flash Drives
No External Drives
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