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Walk For Progression

Canada is currently at risk as the amount of deaths is outnumbering births at this time. Our campaign is holding a marathon which is used to impede the chances of pregnancy.

shabana RAHAMAN

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Walk For Progression

WALK FOR PROGRESSION Campaign Slogan "PROCREATE FOR PROGRESS" PURPOSE: Canada is at risk as the amount of deaths is outnumbering births at this time, this campaign is a marathon in which are attempting to convince people to have more children. What The Government Will Do pay families to have children -Provide them with the care and assistants to have a child -Money, sitters, medicine, check ups -Until adulthood (18) -Special needs kids will be covered DEMOGRAPHICS PLAN OF ACTION marathon that will stage and raise the concern for the decline in birth rates create surveys census displays advertisements to create awareness sponsorship by appropriate organizations Target Audience Overcoming Infertility provide them the medical aid they need to produce children
counsellors to help them grieve with their lose adoptive agencies to them; make a greater availiablity to women who lack the genetics to procreate
Current Birth Rates In Canada Deaths > Births Declining fertility rate Less $ for leisure Great Demand for health care & nursing homes 25-40 years old M&F Couples Balanced household Unable to conceieve Potential surrogates Doctors and researches for assistance Immigrants Canada Citizens of the nation Landed immigrants Viral videos online Billboards ADVERTISEMENTS
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