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Walt Disney

Intrapreneurship found in the Walt Disney Company

Erin Grossman

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Walt Disney

Walt Disney Statistics Fortune 500 rank: 57
Global Fortune 500 rank: 201
Annual sales Revenues: $35,882,000,000
Stock Price: 36.40
# of employees: 150,000
CEO: Robert A. Iger Definition of Intrapreneurship -Entrepreneurial actions that lead to a successful and innovative product or service for an established company. Walt Disney Assets -hotels
-vacation resorts
-theme parks
-water parks
-motion picture studios
-record labels
-cable television networks
-prime television network The Brand of Walt Disney Recommendations Avoid Institution Think and relying on the Disney brand
Go Green campaign
Embrace the Pixar company Clickables The Disney Strategy This involves three distinct states :
Dreamer - the person for whom all things are possible
Realist - the person who sorts things out
Critic - the person who picks up on the bits that don't fit Changes to the Program:
changed the classes offered
the jobs done at the parks, more variety of majors
expanded to Disneyland Internship Program Contact: Morgan Allen, Operations Manager for the Disney Internship Program in Orlando ` A franchise based on the Disney character Tinkerbell
interactive toys
online games
collectibles “Create a crisis… change even when there isn’t an obvious reason to do so”- Brendan Foley
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