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Fate vs. Freewill

No description

Melissa Lenis

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of Fate vs. Freewill

As apposed to The Great Gatsby, Macbeth seems to deal with more fate than freewill.
Freewill is an aspect in this play although it is not a major
component only being linked to the other ideas of fate.
Macbeth taking actions to make prophecies come true.
Lady Macbeth took on the responsibility of making preparations for Duncan's murder.
Macbeth took precautions by murdering innocent families and friends.
Macduff deciding to find Malcolm to acquire his help in overthrowing Macbeth.
Fate vs Freewill
The Great Gatsby
Macbeth and The Great Gatsby
Are we controlled by a predetermined
fate or by our own freewill?
The Great Gatsby supports the idea of freewill more so than fate.
Gatsby bought his house across the bay from Daisy.
Gatsby entering the business he did to win Daisy back.
Daisy and Tom both chose to have affairs and be careless in their nature.
Gatsby having the parties but being an introvert.
Gatsby deciding to take the blame for Myrtle's death.
On the other hand fate is still a
component in the novel The Great Gatsby.
Nick happened to move West and rent a house beside Gatsby's.
Nick being Daisy's cousin ties him into the drama to come.
The timing of Gatsby and Daisy's reunion after five years.
Myrtle getting run over by a car and dying instantly.
Gatsby being murdered by Wilson.
The meeting between Macbeth and the three witches.
Macbeth becoming Thane of Cawdor.
Lady Macbeth was so eager to get involved.
Fleance escaping the murderers sent by Macbeth.
Lady Macduff and son not escaping when they had the opportunity.
Macbeth dying and Malcolm becoming King.
an inevitable and often adverse outcome, condition
or end.
freedom of humans to make choices that are not
determined by prior causes or by divine
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