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Casting of the Canterbury Tales

No description

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Casting of the Canterbury Tales

The Pardoner: Woody Harrelson
I chose to cast Woody Harrelson as the role of the Pardoner because of his experience in playing a somewhat disagreeable and out of place character such as Haymitch Abernathy in The Hunger Games, as well as his overall appearance. Chaucer describes the pardoner having "hair as yellow as wax". In addition, like the pardoner hairs, "thinly they fell, like rat-tails." Woody's Harrelson's hair is both blonde and somewhat waxy looking, as well as thin and straight as Chaucer describes. Visually, he has similar characteristics to the pardoner, making his portrayal of the character really come to life. Personality wise, the Pardoner himself wishes to make his "purpose plain; I preach for nothing but for greed of gain". This being said, the Pardoner does "preach against the very vice." In his role as Haymitch, Woody brings to life a seemingly greedy and hypocritical character. This being said, I think that Woody would be able to add depth to the character of the pardoner, giving the viewers a chance to dig deeper into the mind of the Pardoner.
Wife of Bath: Sandra Bullock
I would cast Sandra Bullock to play the part of the Wife of Bath. She has played a variety of different roles in films such as Gravity, The Blind Side, The Proposal, and The Heat. Chaucer describes the Wife of Bath as an attractive woman, saying, "Bold was her face, handsome, and red in hue." When I picture a "handsome woman", I picture someone with an appearance similar to Sandra Bullock. Her bold features would bring the appearance of the Wife of Bath to life. In company, the Wife of Bath "liked to laugh and chat and knew the remedies for love’s mischances, an art in which she knew the oldest dances." Sandra Bullock has had great onscreen chemistry with everyone she has had to work with. She gives off a classy vibe, appearing to be sociable and humorous, both important characteristics of the Wife of Bath. Even her presence and the way that she speaks show that she is cultured and knows exactly how to navigate through life in order to get what she wants. Before beginning her tale, the Wife of Bath hopes "the company won’t reprove me though I should speak as fantasy may move me, and please don’t be offended at my views; they’re really only offered to amuse." Through her widespread knowledge of acting and her great experience in a variety of different roles, I believe that Sandra Bullock would do a fantastic job with transferring the irony of the Wife of Bath's character from Chaucer's Canterbury Tales to the big screen.
The Knight: Josh Duhamel
If I were directing a movie version of The Canterbury Tales, I would select Josh Duhamel to play the part of the Knight. The Knight "had followed chivalry, truth, honor, generousness, and courtesy." Josh Duhamel is generally seen by the public as a very charismatic guy with a "sweet disposition". These characteristics especially shine through the screen in films such as Safe Haven, and Ramona and Beezus. The Knight is also supposed to be a veteran of many wars. Josh Duhamel, though lacking this experience, has taken part in many action movies such as Transformers, allowing him to understand the intensity of a battle. Chaucer basically describes the Knight as one "of sovereign value in all eyes. And though so much distinguished, he was wise and in his bearing modest as a maid. He never yet a boorish thing had said in all his life to any, come what might; he was a true, a perfect gentle-knight." When I picture someone who fully embodies and embraces the characteristics of the Knight, I see Josh Duhamel. His ability to give depth to a character would allow viewers to not only "see" the knight, but also fully understand him and be able to make connections, something very important when it comes to films.

The Squire: Logan Lerman
I chose Logan Lerman for the role of The Squire in the Canterbury Tales. Logan has been exposed to a variety of different roles, taking part in films such as Percy Jackson, The Three Musketeers, and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. The Squire is described as "A lover and cadet, a lad of fire". Each of these characteristics remind me of characters that Logan has played. In stature, the Squire "was of a moderate length, with wonderful agility and strength." These same characteristics could be given to Logan Lerman, and many of the characters he has portrayed, such as Percy Jackson and a musketeer. Also, the squire, "he could make songs and poems and recite". As Charlie in The Perks of Being A Wallflower, Logan embodied a character who loved reading, writing, and music, making him a great option for the Squire. Finally the Squire, "courteous he was, lowly and serviceable", characteristics similar to those of Logan Lerman. Out of all the actors out there, Logan is generally seen as both kind and chivalrous, making him the best choice for the Squire.

The Prioress: Anne Hathaway
The Canterbury Tales
The Cast:





The End
Casting of the Canterbury Tales
Hanya Rasmussen
I chose to cast Anne Hathaway as the Prioress. Throughout her portrayal of many diverse roles, from the Princess Diaries to Les Miserables, her acting style makes me confident that she would bring the Prioress to life. Chaucer describes the Prioress, saying "she certainly was very entertaining, pleasant and friendly in her ways, and straining". These characteristics describe Anne Hathaway's persona, for she is viewed as quite sociable as well as genuine in her ways. Like Anne Hathaway, the Prioress was known to be "dignified in all her dealings", and "as for her sympathies and tender feelings, she was so charitably solicitous." As an actress, Anne Hathaway fully embraces these characteristics of herself. She is rarely ever talked about negatively in the media, for she always has a positive and down to earth attitude. Overall, the Prioress "was all sentiment and tender hearted", a line that I believe perfectly fits Anne Hathaway's character, making her the right option for the Prioress.

In theaters: never.
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