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4 Minute Review: General Psychology

Student Tested, Faculty Approved

Steve Joos

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of 4 Minute Review: General Psychology

Two Columns pull reader through text Key Terms at Top for Easy Reference Visually-Engaging Chapters Supporting Imagery Reinforces Topics STAT: Page discusses stem and leaf display as a concept. Gym shoe print on globe, Shows "Carbon footprint." Bright Header Colors Aid Study Print Review Cards Review Key Concepts Tech Card Shows Formulas and How to Use Software Style Card Shows Communication Techniques Digital CourseMate Straight-Forward Navigation

& Search,


Take Notes, &

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Lecture Suggestions
Additional Assignments Instructor Prep Cards Efficient Presentation All Core Content
All Key Terms
Briefer Narrative
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Assignable Material Instructors Need 4LTR Press
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12,000 Faculty & Student Voices Have Informed our Development 56% of Schools Adopt More than 1 4LTR Press Solution 1,000,000 units shipped 1,500 adopting schools www.cengage.com/4LTRPress Student Tested, Faculty Approved General Psychology Who takes this course? Pretty much everyone Why do they take it? Most took it due to a general requirement, But most were interested in it too. did you know? 1.8 Million Students Take General Psychology Every Year? What will I learn? Introduction to Psychology
Biology and Psychology
Sensation and Perception
Thinking and Language
Motivation and Emotion
Life Span
Stress and Health
Psychological Disorders
Social Psychology Research How will I be assessed? What can be tricky? Anatomy Major Psychologists Who, what, and when? Unexpected science study tip Start a timeline of major psychologists early! Here's what we learned from students taking... Visually-Engaging Textbook Review Cards Online Study Tools Learn More about 4LTR Press at www.cengage.com/4LTRPress Participate in our research at
www.facebook.com/4LTRPress All at a value-based price Full eBook Student Tested Faculty Approved ATTENTION: The information presented here discusses general trends compiled for product development purposes. Experiences with individual schools/instructors will vary.
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