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Paul Sheffield

on 19 January 2017

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Transcript of Hydraulics

Liquids are virtually incompressible, and the pressure in a liquid is transmitted equally in all directions.
The use of different cross-sectional areas on the effort and load side of a hydraulic system enables the system to be used as a force multiplier.
The pressure in different parts of a hydraulic system is given by:
P = F/A

For a simple pendulum:

T = 1/ f

The time period depends on the length of a pendulum.
Describe how to find the centre of mass of a thin, irregular sheet of a material.

Analyse the stability of objects by evaluating their
tendency to topple.

Explain that objects with a wide base and low centre of mass are more stable than those with a narrow base and a high centre of mass.

Use the equation
T = 1/f

Describe some applications of the pendulum, such as simple fairground and playground rides.
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