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Google Adwords

No description

Tyler Duffy

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Google Adwords

Questions? Do you have a website? Advertising online with Google Adwords

Tyler Duffy
Campground Automation Systems 16,600,000 searches for CAMPGROUND
per month 1,000,000 searches for
per month 45,500,000 searches for
per month 3,350,000 searches for
per month Value of AdWords Top online activities for US travelers:
- 62% researched an upcoming trip
- 45% sourced initial trip idea
- 43% read reviews from other travelers
- 31% watched travel video
- 24% read travel related blog
- 16% posted travel reviews
- 11% uploaded video related to past travel
- 11% commented on travel reviews
- 9% commented on travel related video
- 7% participated in travel related blog.
http://www.newmediatrendwatch.com/ Examples of AdWords Setting up an account How to structure
Google AdWords Keywords For the note takers

Presentation available online Campaign and ad group management Localization targeting
Audience selection Is this expensive? Questions? - Search engine: 59% (among business travelers) / 66% (among leisure travelers)
- Airline website: 40% / 40%
- Hotel website: 36% / 36%
- Websites of the destination visiting: 32% / 40%
- Travel websites (eg TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet, Rough Guide): 29% / 31%
- Online travel agency: 26% / 25%
- Website of a high street travel agent: 16% / 15%
- Car rental website: 14% / 11%
- Social networking website: 11% / 10% Setting up an account:
Gmail account / Email address is required
adwords.google.com Campaign and ad group management Keywords Is this expensive? To view presentation Notes:

http://www.campgroundautomation.com/blog/ Campaigns can be separate two objects:

Target Audience Account Nationwide
Campaign Local
Campaign Ad group Keywords:
Las Vegas Campground
Camping in Las Vegas
RV Park Las Vegas Keywords:
Local Campground
Camping nearby
RV Park Ad group Be Specific

Beach front site Florida
Redwood forest campground Keyword suggester Daily Budget Clicks vs Impressions CTR - Click Through Rate
CPC - Cost Per Click Free $100.00
1-800-919-9922 Localization targeting
Audience selection Filter on many points:
Viewing Device - Mobile or desktop
Visitors to your site
(Negative Words) Free
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