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Bell Helicopter - Textron Company

This is a presentation by a group of students at Harmony Science Academy - Euless. Enjoy our presentation. Thanks :)

Robin James

on 21 January 2017

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Transcript of Bell Helicopter - Textron Company

Close to Bell Helicopter
Heavily focuses on STEM fields.
Engineering and computer-focused CTEs are designed to guide students to their desired career path
Encourage physical construction, not only design, of the machines that they work with in classes and extracurricular activities
Certified testing center; students can take standardized tests multiple times, such as AP or TSI, at no cost
Received multiple distinctions relating to its high test scores and high-performing students
STEM Information
Alumni Information - STEM Field
Building in the Curriculum
Testing Performance
of graduates are pursuing
STEM related fields.
This number is increasing by approximately
each year
of current students intend to pursue STEM fields

Harmony Public Schools have a
100% Graduation Rate
100% College Acceptance Rate.
Engineering courses teach students about the building and design processes
The engineering CTE allows students to take progressively advanced engineering classes throughout all 4 years of high school
Students use NXT to learn how to build robots and develop software
Students learn how to design towers, bridges, and roller coasters, as well as how to build accurate scale models in real life
Students in AP Physics courses use CAD software to build bridges while keeping in mind budgets
By: Harmony Science Academy Euless STEM Team

Several standardized tests are offered to all students on campus at no cost
HSA-E students score very well on the Texas Success Initiative assessment, which shows that most Harmony high school students are already prepared to succeed in college courses.
pass TSI reading
pass TSI math
pass TSI writing
STEM Opportunities :
Science Fair
Cyber Mission
Health Science Club
Bridge Building
Spelling Bee
Math Counts
Texas Math League
These provide thousands of dollars worth of cash, scholarships, and experience.
Thank You!
Our goal is to prepare students for higher education and ultimate success.
We revolve around STEM as the centerpiece for our curriculum.
We are multiethnic and multicultural.
We have been a high achieving school ever since we were established in 2009, with only about 200 students.
Background Information
Bell Helicopter - HSA Euless
HSA-Euless is a charter school.
We are:

We offer many opportunities to low-income students.
of our students have Free or Reduced Lunch
Harmony Science Academy was awarded a Gold Medal by US News Best High Schools Rankings and ranked:
in Nation, among more than 21,000 public high schools
in State, among 1,915 public high schools
among all Charter schools in nation

We outrank 99.262% of other schools in the U.S.

In comparison,
HSA-Euless: #155 in Nation, #28 in State
Lamar High School: #1615 in Nation, #154 in State
Bell High School: #1942 in Nation, #167 in State
Trinity High School: #2130 in Nation, #179 in State
Recent College Acceptances
Rice University, US Naval Academy, Princeton University

Ruth L. was offered an appointment to the United States Naval Academy with a full scholarship (covering tuition, room, and board), and a monthly stipend. USNA is highly competitive, with less than 400 women candidates accepted nationwide. Ruth was also accepted to Rice University with a full NROTC scholarship.

Tania was accepted to Princeton University with a full scholarship, the #1 university in the United States (according to USNews National Universites Rankings).
Recent Science Fair Success
Two 8th graders represented HSA-E at the State Science Fair in San Antonio. Tausiful H. won
First Place
and was also selected for the
Broadcom National Master Award

Our freshman Arnold L. secured first place in both H-SEF and I-SWEEEP, and he is one of the very few students in the U.S. going to Brazil for the MOSTRATEC Competition.
Distance Between Harmony and Bell
Schoolwide STEM Survey
A survey of 222 HSA-Euless students revealed that a majority of current students plan to join the STEM field.
HSA-Euless students score highly on standardized tests, and not only in STEM areas.
Of those intending to pursue a STEM field, 72.3% are considering a career specifically dealing with Engineering or Technology.
TEA Distinctions
There are 7 Distinction Designations and we have received all of them. These include
Social Studies
Top 25% Student Progress
Top 25% Closing Performance Gaps
Post Secondary Readiness.
We have also Met Standards for the 2015 Accountability Rating.
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