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Does God the Mother exist in the Bible? God Elohim

Does God the Mother exist in the Bible? Is it really in the Bible? If so, why don't you show it to me with the Bible! The mystery of the Genesis, Elohim God! The word 'Elohim' proves existence of God the mother. wmscog.


on 30 May 2017

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Transcript of Does God the Mother exist in the Bible? God Elohim

God is one who is Father…
But does
God the Mother
Many people wonder about the existence of God the Mother.
Is God the Mother really testified in the Bible?
God said, “Let
make man

image, in
likeness …
Genesis 1:26
Most of people say that God is one.
However why God said
not "me" but "us"
when creating man?
( Elohim )
The same phrase In the Torah, the original text of the Bible,
was written as “Elohim” created man.
In the original Hebrew text of the Old Testament,
there are
two kinds of terms
referring to God.
One is
and the other is
The singular
( Eloah )
( El )
( Elohim )
The plural


is the singular form, which indicates
is the plural form of

which indicates
In the Bible, God is recorded as Elohim(Gods)
over 2,500 times.
Elohim (Gods)
created man.
It means that God who created man
is not one
how many Gods
exist in Elohim God?
‘so God created man
in his own image
in the image of God he created him;
male and female
he created them.’
Genesis 1:27
when creating man,
God created man not in His imagination,

but in
His own image
- He created male and female.
The creation according to the image of God is male and female.
The image of God
It certainly means that exist
male and the female
in the image of God.
Then, what should we call
the male image of God
This, then, is how you should pray:

Our Father
in heaven, …
Matthew 6:9
Jesus taught that
the male image of God is

“our Father”
Then, what should we call the
female image of God
but the Jerusalem that is above is free
and she is
our mother
Galatians 4:26
The Bible says the female image of God is
“our Mother”
God the Mother
Elohim God
means :
Elohim God
God the Father
the male image of God -
God the Father
and the female image of God -
God the Mother
Exist God the Mother In The Bible
So far,
we’ve learned about
God the Mother
through Elohim God.

God the Mother
More information please visit this website:
[ World Mission Society Church of God ]
there are a lot of
biblical evidences
about God the Mother.
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