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Student managed building

No description

Cliff Serraf

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of Student managed building

Context and situation
E Building, will be renovated (1st and 2nd floor)
and the L building's cafeteria will at the center of it
Decision making channel
student-managed building
What are the advantages ?
- Linguistic department: need more than its 5 offices, not enough for all the permanent and temporary teachers

- Associations: scattered around the school and with old and small installations.

- School's director: the one who makes the decisions regardless the renovation of the school's buildings.

- On the first floor of the E building, the offices have not been attributed yet: our solution is therefore possible.

- Concerning the L building, we will use the free offices to gather all the associations under one roof.

- Our setup does not require more money than the investment already planned.

- The advantages of a student managed building are considerable for the students AND for the reputation of the school itself.

- The costs are already engaged and the project is technically achievable ...

- ... but the real issue is to convince the board to change their initial idea and see the advantages of a student- managed building.
We believe the students
can make it work.

The more responsibilities they
are given the more responsible
they become !
Michit Nicolas Ecole
Serraf Cliff Centrale de Nantes

Student-managed building


→new cafeteria at its center

→free space to fill: how to convince the decision makers?
Our solution:
- Move the linguistic department's offices, currently in the L building, to the E building.

- Make the L building a student-managed building where the various school's associations will be gathered under one roof.

- Promote associative communities

- Encourage the future students to come

- Create more ambitious projects for the students

- Enhance the school's image

- Have new and better offices for the linguistic department
The key success factor based on existing student building
After interacting with other schools which have such a building (
Arts et Metiers
Polytech Nantes
) we have outlined the following requirements:

- Convention

- Strict set of rules

- Regular student team
technical feasability and costs
The stakeholders
Nicolas Michit
- Second year engineering student with a
specialization in mechanical modeling

- His interests have centered on the

- He also enjoys bicycling, and expanding
his knowledge of all kinds of sport.
Cliff Serraf
- Second year engineering student with a
specialization in applied mathematics

- He wants to work in industrial sector (Research and Development Engineer).

- He loves go out for movies and listen all the greatest
soul singers of all time.
The associations problem
- almost 80 associations ...

- ...but there are only five for them

We need offices placed side by side at a single
location for the most important and influential
school's associations
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