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nabila hersi

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of Basketball

Top 10 plays in the playoff series NBA 2014 (1st round)
James Naismith
He was born: on November 6, 1861, in Almonte, Canada
James Naismith Invented basketball in 1891.
He made the first 13 rules.
He invented basketball so that there another sport that is different from the others and it was the first game to be played inside.
He died: November 28, 1939, Lawrence, KS

Famous players
Carmelo Anthony
Lebron James
Micheal Jordan
Kevin Durant
Shaquille O'Neal
Kemba Walker
Jeremy lamb
Anthony Davis
Paul Gorge
These are some of the well known players but there are a lot more!
Leagues (NBA)

There are 30 teams in the NBA
The NBA stands for national basketball association.
NBA is the famous league in the united states.
The NBA was founded in 1946 and the birth place of the NBA is in New york, New york
The NBA owner is Adam Silver.
The NBA is the most watched league on television!
Basketball is a sport where you throw a ball into a basket from certain angles to score a point.
Basketball origin comes from the sport lacrosse.
Basketball was first played in a small gym and played with a beach ball .
James Naismith wanted a game to play that wasn't as difficult and fun!
Basketball was invented over 123 years ago!!! and still played and loved today.
What is basketball and how it works
By: Nabila

Thank you!!!
James Naismith's childhood:

James Naismith had a hard time growing up.

When James was nine years old his mother and father died of typhoid fever; a little while later his grandmother died of old age. The only one left to take care of James and his siblings was their uncle, Uncle Peter. Uncle Peter took good care of James and his siblings even though they lived in such a small town.

In fact, the town where James grew up in only had a schoolhouse, a blacksmith, and a store. There were many children to play with but not many places to have fun.Naismith had a good life even though he had a hard childhood.

I recommed all of you to try and play basketball even though you may think you suck you may never know you could one day be like Kobe Byrant!
NBA history
The NBA was founded in 1946
The NBA has 5 owners or commisioners:

Maurice Podoloff (1946–1963),
Walter Kennedy (1963–1975),
Larry O'Brien (1975–1984),
David Stern (1984–2014),
Adam Silver (2014–present)
The NBA is a league Bigger than any college league and it is the most watched and liked league in the U.S!!

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