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A Corner of White

No description

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of A Corner of White

A Corner of White
By: Jaclyn Moriarty
Main Characters
Cause and Effect
Rating and Recommendation
The Book and Author
This book is kind of unique in a way where there are are two plots going on in the same story. The two main characters, Madeleine Tully and Elliot Baranski, never even meet each other, and for more than half the book Madeleine thinks Elliot is a made up fantasy character. They send letters to each other through an inter-dimensional "crack."
Madeline Tully and her mother, Holly Tully, have run away from their old life, and settled down in boring old Cambridge, England. Madeline is used to having everything, so it is a big change from her old life to having beans every night for supper, and living in a cramped apartment. Her new friends, Jack and Belle, are nice, but they just are not the same as her old friends Tinsel and Warlock. Will Madeline ever truly adjust to her new life at Cambridge or will she always live in the past?
Elliot's father has mysteriously disappeared along with a physics teacher named Mischka Tegan. The same day they disappeared Elliot's uncle, Jon, was found dead with numerous wounds on him. most people think this is the cause of a third level Purple attack. Meanwhile, the city of Bonfire's crops are failing, and Elliot is constantly looking for his dad.
Elliot Baranski
Madeline Tully
Holly Tully
Related to Elliot
Related to Madeline
Supporting Characters
Federico Cagnetti
Darshana Charn
Olivia Pettfields
Danek John Michalski (Denny)

The Butterfly Child
Princess Ko
Important People
Issac Newton
Lord Byron
Jon Baranski
Abel Baranski
Mischka Tegan
Elliot Baranski and Madeline Tullly
Colours and Hostiles
I would want to be friends with Corrie-Lynn. This is because one she can make ton of things out of wood and is really smart for her age. Another reason is that she is really nice and reaches out to anyone.
I think the author chose the title,
A Corner of White
, because that is all Madeline saw sticking out of the parking meter, a corner of white. After that the episode of letters began.
Cello and the World
The Kingdom of Cello is ruled be a monarchy and just like world. The only exception is that it has little bit of magic in it.
The World is just Earth, where we live.
Cambridge, England (The World)
Bonfire of Cello (Cello)
Modern time I assume.
Colours are magical beings they can be helpful or they can wreck havoc. Most of the time though they wreck havoc. Reds can case machines to malfunction, or cause intense emotions. Yellows are the most lethal and are the most dangerous.
Cause: The Selectors are coming.
Effect: Bonfire builds a pyramid of pumpkins.

Cause: Jack and Belle read the letter Madeline sent to Tinsels.
Effect: They will not talk to her.

Cause: The crops are failing.
Effect: People hope the Butterfly Child comes

Cause: Elliot's dad has disappeared.
Effect: Elliot is trying to find a Locator Spell.
I would recommend this book to anyone as long as they do not mind a bit of romance.
Compare and Contrast
Has two friends
Doesn't beleive in Cello
Plays no sports
Home schooled
is a girl
Has five friends
Lives in Cello
Plays a sport kind of lake lacross
Goes to a public school
is a boy
Lost their dad
Both hurt their friend
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