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5 weird points in my life

No description

Devin iocoangeli

on 17 May 2018

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Transcript of 5 weird points in my life

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5 weird points in my life
Point 2
One of my most important days that would change me is when we moved close to the middle of kindergarten all the way to North Carolina. And people need to stop asking me why I left!!!!!!!
Point 3
My Devil of sisters
My sisters were born 1 on July 31 of 2006 I think and one on December 26 of 2011 I think.
Point number 1
I was born on October 14 2003 I remember my mom telling me that it was her, my dad,my grandma,uncles,grandpa, and many more I cant recall. This was also the time The doctor grabbed my one leg dropped me and now my leg is a few centimeters bigger than the other
Point 5
This is about now when I am happy with my life and have amazing friends and teachers which I am always grateful even though I was expected to get extremely bullied in this school.
Point 4
This was the time I came here to Ohio and met amazing people that soon grown to be my friends like Mason Meyers and Bryson Burgy.
Here are
some extra assets :
By devin Iocoangeli
I managed to get principle list in 5th grade witch really did encourage me to carry on to my advance classes journey. I also went to Florida but we don't talk about that place.
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