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Compounds, Mixtures, and Molecules

Mrs. Clavell's 8th Grade Science

Teika Clavell

on 23 June 2013

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Transcript of Compounds, Mixtures, and Molecules

If we take at anything in the world we can think about it and whaqt its made of. All things are made of elements in the world there are 92 njatrual elements each of which have their own properties.
Everything is the world is made of elements. Not always are the elements found naturally. Some are found as compounds and others as mixtures. Today we will talk about the difference between the two. We will also discover about molecules.
A compound is made
up of two or more elements
(e.g. water and carbon dioxide)
that are chemically combined.
They cannot be broken down into two or more simpler substances by physical means, only by chemical means.
Compounds, Mixtures, Molecules.
nicolas is a gay man
Mixtures are things mixed together with another thing. Mixtures are not chemically combined therefore can be seperated by physical means such as filtration. There are two types of mixtures: homogeneous and heterogeneous.
A molecule is when 2 or more atoms of the same element combine. A molecule can also be a pure substance that cannot be broken down further such as water.
Let's sum it up!!!
Compound Examples:

Baking Soda Sugar
A homogeneous mixture is a mixture that is evenly distributed. Homogeneous Mixtures are often called solutions.
Homogeneous Mixtures
Water is an example of a homogeneous mixture.
A heterogeneous mixture is a mixture that is unevenly distributed.
Heterogenous Mixture
M & M's are an example of a hetergeneous mixture.
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