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What is copyright?

No description

Niki McQueen

on 25 July 2013

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Transcript of What is copyright?

Keep an eye on the ICTS Facebook page for more information over the coming months

You can also visit our website www.icts.uct.ac.za | About ICTS | UCT respects copyright

For example:
•movies and TV series
•computer software
•web pages
•works of art
•educational materials
including texts and tests

what is copyright?
what is copyright?
What kinds of things does copyright apply to?
How will I know if something is copyrighted?
Usually you will see the familiar copyright symbol or a copyright statement on the work
Copyright is a set of legal rights given to the creator of an original work.

This includes the right to copy, distribute, perform and display the work in public.
What does that mean to me?
Only the
owner of the copyright to the material (not necessarily the creator of the work) has the right to distribute the work.

Anyone else (like you) who wants to reuse the work has to obtain permission from
the owner.

As soon as something is captured in a fixed format such as writing or an image, it is protected by copyright – no registration or symbol is needed.
What will happen to
me if I break copyright law?
Where can I find out more?
copyright expire?
For a conviction you could get:
A fine of up to R5000 per infringement (i.e. per CD copied or song downloaded).
A prison sentence of up to 3 years.
1. You will face criminal charges.
2.You may face civil charges.
The copyright owner may sue you for damages related to loss of income caused by the infringement.
3. You will face disciplinary action
In addition to the above, if the infringement happens at UCT, disciplinary procedures will be followed.
For books, music and artworks
For sound recordings, photographs, films and computer programs, anonymous works and government works
Most people are unaware
of the law and of their responsibilities.

Check for the copyright symbol or statement, and if you don't find them, contact the creator
of the work to request permission to use it.
All sorts of things!
50 years after the author's death
50 years after publication
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