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Factors of Climate

No description

Matthew Glenn

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Factors of Climate

Factors of CLIMATE
in Europe Gulf Stream: Latitude: Altitude: Topography Bodies of Water: Earth's Winds The Atlantic Ocean

The Arctic Ocean

Seas Warm Water From the mid latitudes Cold water keeping areas
refrigerated (1) Cold Air blowing in from
the Arctic Ocean
(2) Warm Air blown in following
the Gulf Stream
(3) Warm Air blown in from
North Africa Warm water currents that flow from the Gulf of
MEXICO around the East Coast of the USA and Canada.
This current of warm water then flows directly into Western Europe. The warm water current also affects the air masses above it and carries these warm air masses to Europe. THIS IS THE REASON THAT EUROPE HAS SUCH MODERATE TEMPERATURES AND CLIMATE ZONES GIVEN HOW FAR NORTH OF THE EQUATOR EUROPE IS. The seas of Europe have a huge
affect on the continent's climates However, not all of Europe's climate zones are made by or altered by the gulf stream Latitude does manage some climate zones in Europe. The FAR NORTH and Eastern Europe are far enough from the Gulf Stream that their Climates are more typical for their distance from the equator
The Alps are so massive that they have their own climate zone (Just like the Rockies). Altitude creates climate in a few places around Europe. The higher the altitude, the colder it is. Mountains STOP weather
PLAINS magnify weather
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