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Another Empty Bottle by Katie Mc Allister

No description

Adriana Kassar

on 17 January 2016

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Transcript of Another Empty Bottle by Katie Mc Allister

ELA Music Study
Lyrics for 'Another Empty Bottle'
Another Empty Bottle by Katy McAllister
Literary Devices
Simile: "She lives her life as a broken tool"
Metaphor: "She's trapped in her mind"
Personification: "Another empty bottle takes a life"
Repetition: "She feels more alive" 2X
Mama was a bit naive,
And her Daddy was a blinded thief
He went and stole away what was left
Of the remains of a family
She'd hide away behind a door
She kept locked
But the walls weren't thick enough to
Block out, angry noises of the voices
That once soothed her to sleep
And she lies, tonight
Underneath a caving roof
And she cries, tonight
Wondering what she can do
And she tries, tonight
Remembering who she once knew
But they've died, inside
Another empty bottle takes a life
This world can
be so cruel
She lives her life
as a broken tool
And she believes she's unable to fix
This broken machine, and what's the use
To throw
yourself at
If in the end it never seems enough
be able to get through all of life's broken dreams
watched her father live in regret
her mother cry in an empty bed
And she swears
This is the
best life gets
And she lies, tonight
Underneath a caving roof
And she cries, tonight
Wondering what she could do
And she tries, tonight
But she's out of memories
That she once knew
And she dies, inside
Another empty bottle takes a life
And every little bit, every little bit
Of her wants to see that light
But every single night
Another little bit of her dies inside
She's trapped in her mind
She feels more alive
She feels more alive
In her own dreams
And she's
What's beyond
the sky
Could she
see the light
If she falls
Cause she
feels more alive
In her own dreams
So tonight, she lies
Lifted up through
her own roof
Dried eyes, tonight
There's nothing m
That she could do
And they cry, toni
A daughter that
they hardly knew
And she's lost, in
Another empty bottle
takes a life
How do each literary devices impact the song?
Connection of the song to 'Alicia'
by: Kalista, Adriana, Vanessa, and Carla.
The personification "another empty bottle takes a life" where the bottle itself is harmless, yet the writer gave the bottle the ability to be deadly. It is stressing out the fact that even the most harmless things can ruin someone's life. It talks about a little bit of her dying on the inside with each night, all because of the bottle that is tearing her life apart.
Each literary devices emphasize the meaning of the song.
The metaphor "she's trapped in her mind" shows this, as her depression caused her mind to be clouded and filled with unhappy thoughts that she never would have wanted. This pulls her back and keeps her from seeing the good things in life. She feels as if it is a never-ending maze where she keeps ending up where she started which makes her feel like she will never be able to find a way out.
The simile "she lives her life as a broken tool" helps us understand the song in a more indepth way. This is where the writer compares the girl's life to a broken tool, not working like it is supposed to. She wants to help fix the "machine" (her family) but as she is "a broken tool" she does not have the power to do so. Her family being so dysfunctional affects her in a way that impairs her ability to be able to function properly, hindering her from being capable to enjoy her life.
The literary device that is the repetition: "she feels more alive" impacts the song in a way that makes the listeners think more extensively about the character's experiences. The writer is trying to affirm that she feels more alive in her dreams where she escapes to when the reality that she is living in becomes so unbearable. Her dreams are her happy place. Not being able to exist happily with her family in the real world evokes the fear of having to wake up from her dreams.
"Wondering what she can do": Alicia was wondering what could she have
done to help her family.
"She lives her life as a broken tool And she believes she's unable to fix This brok
en machine": Alicia wanted to help everyone and save them from suffering but she is trying to go against something that is a part of life.
d in her mind": when Christine visits Alicia,
ces, that her sister had changed, she wasn't t
he sam
e happy Alicia, instead she was vulnerably trapped
in her
miserable mind, helpless and weak.
Theme of the Song
This girl has a damaged family and her parents would always argue infront of her. They were oblivious to how badly it was affecting her. Every night, she would hide in her room feeling helpless, vulnerable, she would constantly cry herself to sleep. She started getting depressed until she became unable to see anything good in life, also losing faith in love. The thought of it not being enough to fix her miserable life, broke her even more. Until one day, she ran out of ideas trying to figure out a way to fix things, she was so sick and tired of everything. She wanted to get out and finally be free of those walls she locked herself in, she wondered what was beyond the arguments, the yelling, the crying, and the attempts to remember what it was like before her family broke down. She wanted to see the light and be free of it all (not having to cover her ears or hide in her room to block out the yelling of her parents). She chose to stay in her own dreams where she felt more alive. Now everyone else regrets hurting her, they cry for her, asking her to come back. However, it was far too late, she was now gone.
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