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Acknowledgement, Empathy, Reassurance (AER) Refresher Traini

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Neil Abby Martinez

on 16 December 2015

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Transcript of Acknowledgement, Empathy, Reassurance (AER) Refresher Traini

Acknowledgement + Empathy + Reassurance? How?
1. Read and understand

2. Gauge the client's sentiment

3. Be thankful for having the client

4. Show your willingness to help!
Acknowledgement, Empathy, Reassurance (AER) Refresher Training
What is AER?
When is it necessary to deliver an AER statement?
Let's see some examples! How to make it better?
1. Define and explain Acknowledgement, Empathy, Reassurance
- Whenever appropriate

- We should be able to pick up on a customer’s tone and sense the level of stress, anger, or frustration.

- We can’t always deliver solutions, but we can always deliver empathy.
Objectives :
2. Identify instances and opportunities to deliver AER statement
3. Formulate effective and appropriate AER statement
4. Apply AER statement on any given scenario
Time to practice!
Acknowledgment is about paying attention and being attentive to the client’s feelings/issues/needs
Example :

1. I understand the frustration that you are facing right now..

2. I know how difficult it is to keep track of the orders...
Empathy Vs Sympathy
Empathy - acknowledging and affirming another’s emotional state.

Eg. "I can understand why that makes you angry.”
Sympathy - involves identifying with, and even taking on, another person’s emotions

Eg. “I’m really angry about those centerpieces, too.”
"We are here for you"

Overcoming "what if"

We are glad that you contacted us today!

I'll be more than happy to guide you through every step of the way!
It's great that you're exploring your connections by creating social media accounts for your store to widen your sales, but I see that you're having some issues with it. So I'll do my best to help you with this concern!

-Mac Hernandez (02287968)
As I understand it, you are unable to get quotes from these products. I'm glad you specified these products in this ticket. I assure you I will give my best to assist you on this.

-Mary Quilaga (02290367)
Client : I need your assistance regarding a issue. (sic)

Agent : Oh yes please tell me more about it, and I will do my best to help you sort this out and see on how we can move forward with this.

-Mireille Ferol (02296380)
I know how complicated it is to set up your built-in carousel to your mobile theme. Don't you worry, I'm more than glad to assist you with this concern!

-Jun Tupas (02295027)
How do you respond to this?
I am so sick and tired of my slow store load speed! I've been experiencing this issue for months! I am paying you people $150/month and this is totally unacceptable!
How do you respond to this?
Hi! I need assistance with setting up 301 redirects. Can you help?
How do you respond to this?
What is my current subscription plan?
Hi, I have added the instagram icon to my main page on bedazzled - but it seems to be invisible (maybe grey on grey?) I can click on it, and the link itself works, but is just now visible as an icon
I recently got the shipping calculator to work for our international shipping....imagine that adding the third product puts the total shipping dimensions over the limit or something.

Can you please check the error logs to let me know what the issue is and how to resolve it.
Can you please help me make the home page carousel visible in my mobile theme?

Had a looked at it and it looked too tricky for me to do it myself.
Examples of effective empathy statements:

“I can understand how frustrating it is when your
widget breaks down.”

“I realize how complicated it is to…”

“I cannot imagine how upsetting it is to…”

“I know how confusing it must be when…”

“I hate that you had to make this call today.”

“I’m glad you called today so that we can take care of this right away.
Identifying Context and Verbal Cues
Context cues are not directly stated, but implied

Verbal cues are directly exressed.
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