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Amistad Rebellion

West Africans killed the ship captain because they did not want to be enslaved.

Hunter Baylor

on 16 December 2010

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Transcript of Amistad Rebellion

Amistad Rebellion West Africans who were
from present-day Sierra Leon,
and were led by Cinque. July 2, 1839
This took place off the
coast of Cuba They rebelled because
they did not want to be enslaved, they wanted to be taken back to Africa. As a result a court case was held in 1841
in New Haven, C.T since they killed their
Captain. Most of the Africans returned to
Africa in 1842 It was ruled that the Africans were free people. They were kidnapped from Africa and illegally taken to Cuba.
Supremem Court Justice Story ". . . it was the ultimate right of all human beings in extreme cases to resist oppression, and to apply force against ruinous injustice,"
It was demanded that the slaves would be released immediately and shipped back to Africa. John Quincy Adams argued for about 8.5 hours that the Africans had rights, legally and morally, using the Declaration of Independence as a source of a man's freedom. The accounts of Jose Ruiz and Pedro Montes telling
what happened the night of the seizing. From Booklist Based on a true account, this fictional biography tells the story of the Amistad slave rebellion through the eyes of Sengbe Pieh, who was later given the name Joseph Cinque. From the time of the brutal slave raids in West Africa, Polisar imagines the prisoner's longing for his home and family, the horrendous journey across the sea, the slaves' mutiny, and, finally, Cinque's trial in the U.S., where he is given the right to return home. What to look for from the Amistad Rebellion
Who were they ?
What was the results?
Why did the blacks revolt?
When did the Rebellion take place? The leader of the Amistad Rebellion
was Sengbe Phe
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