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The effect energy drinks have on an egg

No description

jennifer vazquez

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of The effect energy drinks have on an egg

How energy drinks
affect Eggs Red bull Energy
drink name Rock star Monster Effects Small sized layers of the egg shell started falling off (dime size)
it turned the same shade of color
as the drink
covered in bubbles the egg was still intact
turned a lighter shade of the drink
covered in bubbles large pieces of layers came off
the egg shell
turned almost completely black
covered in bubbles
began to crack
The control in my experiment was the egg because it was the same kind of egg, from the refrigerator. Control: That the energy drink would have no effect
on the egg so it would look like
it originally had looked. Prediction: Steps taken: I bought 3 different types of energy drinks and pored them in to 3 cups with eggs in side them and watched them on a daily bases Do energy drinks really affect
your body?

No, because the eggs were soaked in it. Analysis I think that its a bunch of craziness,
because like based on the results of my experiment. I didn't think the energy drink could do so much damage over a short period of time to the egg. Conclusion
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