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Abrahamic Faiths Venn Diagram

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lia meadows

on 12 April 2014

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Transcript of Abrahamic Faiths Venn Diagram

they believe one god
Abrahamic Faiths Venn Diagram
in christians Jesus was more than a prophet he was son of the god
they have writing called Qur'an
they believe that god determine the right or wrong
they also believe that God spoke to people through prophets
in Islam Muhammad is seen as a prophet and a very good person but not as divine
they have sacred text call the Bible
they are founded in Palestine
main day of worship is on Saturday
main day of worship is on Sunday
main day of worship is on Friday
clergy are imams
clergy are priests, ministers, pastors, and bishops
In Judaism clergy are rabbis, which means that person is appointed as a Jewish religious leader
both are strict monotheism, which means that you only believe one god
they believe in angels and demons
they denied the resurrection of Jesus,which means that they denied the rise up from the death of Jesus
they are two largest religion in the world
the place found was in Saudi Arabia
their original language is Aramaic, Latin, and Greek
Christianity is Trinitarian monotheism, which mean that one god is consist of three person: the Father, the Sun, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit
Judaism is one of the oldest religion in the world
Judaism was founded by patriarch Abraham
they have sacred text called Torah
they all believe life after death
Jesus was Bastard in judaism not like Christianity or Islamic
major location is in Europe, and north America
they have same major branches which is called orthodox
status of jewish bible is canonical
they have most same prophets such as, Noah, Moses, David, Abraham, and Joesph
they believe that Satan is evil
that there is hell and paradise
they forbidden use of statues and images
unlike christian they care about fulfilling god's word
they have sacred text called old testament and new testament
they believe that purpose of life was to knowing, loving, and serving the god
in islam, islam mean "Peace through the submission to God".
their holiday is called Sunni
Yahweh, Elohim, they are name of some of the god in Judaism
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