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duke gijoe

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of pokemon

pokemon water Water-type pokemon come in all shapes and sizes,from the star -shaped stayu to the giant Gyarados. They're found in both fresh and salt water,but wherever they definitely know how to make a splash. Water-types are strong opponents against Fire-types,Ground-types,and Rock-types: pair them up with a powerful Water-type move,like Surf,to unleash a real tidal wave of punishment! But be careful, because Grass-types and Electric-types aren't impressed by Water-type moves--and that can totally wash out their parade. Fire Piplup Fire-type pokemon can be as blazing hot and fierce as their searing fames. They boast several legendary pokemon among their ranks,including the majestic Ho-Oh and Moltres, and the powerful Entei. Fire-types really bring the heat against Grass-, Ice-,Bug-, and Steel -types.Some Fire-type moves,including Lava Plume,can inflict the Burn status condition,fanning the flames on your opponent for the battle's duration! Be sure to hold your fire when you face Water-,Ground-,Rock-types,as it's harder for fire-types to keep the flames burning against them. Grass Looking for Grass-type pokemon in the grass is a no-brainer,but you can find them in other places too. Matching one of these vibrant pokemon up against a Ground- or Rock-type just might make your opponent green with envy! Grass-types are strong against these types,and they're one of just two types that excel at mowing over water -types. If your Grass-type is struggling in battle, try Giga Drain to restore some of its HP,and damage your opponent at the same time! Just remember to weed out your Grass-type when it's time to face a Fire-,Poison-,Bug-,ice-,flying- type; Grass-types don't flourish against these opponents Rapidash Chikorita Electric Electric-type pokemon show a real spark in battle. These high-voltage pokemon generate their power in many ways: some produce their own static electricity, some seek out an electrical charge in nature, and some even gain power from lightning--imagine that! Plug into an electric-type for a battle against a water-type and watch the sparks fly! Electric-types are great versus Water-types,and the powerful thunderbolt move has a chance to paralyze oppoernents.Just avoid getting your wires crossed by sending an Electric against a charge- absorbing Ground-type! Ghost No need to be afraid; you don't have to attend a seance to scare up a Ghost-type pokemon! Just ask Morty in the Ecruteak gym-- he specializes in this spirited type of pokemon. Maybe he knows that they're great to take into battle, because their only weaknesses are Dark-types and other Ghost-types. Plus, when it comes to accuracy, ghost is the most; many Ghost-type moves have great accuracy, and a move like Shadow Punch will never miss! Haunt your opponents with these pokemon and they might not stand a ghost of a chance! Dark Dark-types sometimes get a bad rap. Some may seem sinister, but they can be wonderful additions to any team. In Johto, all Dark-type pokemon except umbreon are dual-types. using Dark-type moves against a psychic- or a Ghost-type opponent is more than just taking a shot in the dark--type moves are super effective against them! The Dark-type payback moves serves up a double helping of damage if it's used after the opponent attacks.However,it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when using a Dark-type against bug-or Fighting-types. If you insist on trying, you may be headed for a blackout! Normal Normal-type pokemon can hold steady in the face of all attacks except for fighting-type moves, and that makes these wonderfully varied competitors a great base for a strong team! Appearing in every shape and size, from the expansive Snorlax to the diminutive spearow, there is a Normal-type pokemon to suit just about everyone. Plus, there are enough Normal-type moves to handle most any situation. For instance, in battle, the powerful and accurate Normal-type Rock move has a chance of confusing your opponent. Outside of battle, it in used to climb cliffs! Normally, Normal-type moves don't affect Ghost-type pokemon, but the Normal-type Odor Sleuth move allows both Normal- and fighting- type attacks to hit Ghost- type pokemon. Bug If you see a bug- type pokemon in the wild, don't tell it to buzz off! Some of these pokemon might not be big, but they sure can make a big impression. They're great picks for new Trainers, since Bug-type can be easy to find and many of them are quick to evolve, too. Just watch out for Flying-, Rock-, Fire- types, because these types can be as devastating to a Bug- type as a blast of extra-strength repellent! On the other hand, Bug-type moves are extra strong against Grass- types, Dark-types, and psychic-types. Psychic psychic-type pokemon can be mysterious and rate. In Johto, Will of the Elite Four is especially psyched up for psychic-type pokemon--he fields a roster full of ' em! You don't have to read mind to guess why; Psychic-types are strong against Fighting-type and other psychic-type attacks. Plus, many Psychic- type moves can psych out opponents by reducing their Special Attack or special defense! However, the thought of sending a Psychic- type against a Bug-, Ghost-, or Dark-type should give you ominous premonitions; Psychic-type are weak against these Pokemon. Rock If you want a strong foundation for battle, consider putting your team on the rocks! Often good in defense, Rock- type Pokemon can keep you in the fight for the long haul . Several of these petra-rific pokemon, including Kabuto and Omanyte,have ancient,fossil-like origins. Some say a rolling stone gathers no moss, and the Rock-type Rollout move supports that claim, attacking up to five turns in a row, and only getting stronger with each hit! Nevertheless, Rock-type pokemon face a rocky road against Grass-,Water-,Ground-,Fighting-, and steel-,types Poison Experts at inflicting status conditions that hinder opponents for the battle's duration, Poison-types can bring the
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