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EU Law Revision

A few Exam Prep and Revision Tips for EU Law

Angus MacCulloch

on 3 May 2018

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Transcript of EU Law Revision

Planning Your Answer
Obstacle 1
Obstacle 2
Obstacle 3
Preparing For Your Exam
What Not to Do!
Three well balanced answers
Each answering the Question with a beginning, a middle, and an end
Each demonstrating that you understand the material
EU Law

Exam Revision Tips
The Exam Itself
What Should I do?
Exam Answers: Content
Don't Mention the War!
Getting Your Answers Down ...
Avoiding Pitfalls
Read the paper slowly …
You have ten minutes to familiarise yourself with all the questions, and decide which ones you feel most comfortable with.
Don’t jump to a quick decision …
You should sketch out as plan of the issues you want to discuss in your answers. That should ensure that you do having something to say, and that you are going to say it in a sensible order.
You have to answer 3 questions
Answer 2 from 3 in Section A – Short Questions.
Answer 1 from 3 in Section B – Long Questions.
Use Your Time Wisely
Thinking About What You Need to Do
Both Sections carry equal weight, and should be given Equal Time.

We expect less detail/discussion in a 30 min answer than in a 60 mins one. Half as long, but not half as good ...

The most common reason for failure in the past have been because the candidate has not properly answered all of the questions.
Smart Working
The first 9 marks are the easiest
– the next 8 marks are more difficult
– the last 6 marks are hard

Don’t waste your time polishing an answer
– get onto the next question.
Showing your Knowledge
There are 3 important things to focus on when planning an answer:
Answer the question,
Yes, the one on the paper,
No, not the one you were praying for or had practiced!
Most questions are in a general area, but have a specific focus.
A very general answer which doesn’t engage with the specifics of a question will struggle to get beyond D+ to C
An answer that gets quickly to the heart of the question and spends time discussing the key issues is going to attract much a higher grade
How Much Do I Need to Know?
In an exam answer its not how much you know:
It's about how well you demonstrate your knowledge and understanding
What does a Good Answer Look Like?
A good answer will:
show you know the law and can identify the key issues;
show that you have read and understood the relevant material; and,
Show you can utilise it to set out your answer and view, based on that understanidng.
Showing Off
Beginning - Middle - End
Blue Peter Paradigm
Don't Mention the War!
Very few EU Law answers are improved by a tangential reference to the 1939-45 War in the first paragraph.
It takes up space and doesn't answer the question
You Should Introduce Your Answer
If you find yourself writing, ‘ … before answering the question I must … ’
If the material you are about to embark on isn’t clearly relevant to the question it isn’t going to count.
It might even get in the way by obscuring what you do know.
You need to explain how you have answered the question set.
Here's One I Prepared Earlier ...
Don’t prepare an answer and use it in the exam no matter what’s on the paper.
The marker will spot it instantly – and will know that you clearly didn’t understand, or answer, the question.
A Classic #ExamTip from the late Gary Slapper:
Don't answer your 'best' Question first. You'll overrun and spend overtime minutes chasing marks harder to win than the first 60% of other answers.
Exam Top Tip: Practice writing long hand ...

How long is it since you tried to write long hand for 2 hrs? Might it not be wise to practice that skill?
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