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who he is and what he did

johanna gonzalez

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Hades

AAA HADES was the ruler of the underworld were dead people would go to if they were dead.HADES was alsotwo thing wealthy and had a nickname witch is pluto. that means a wealthy one because of he minerals underground.Even though he was the ruler of the under world he still had to follow the cammands of his brother zeus.He WAS a grim , sternand and a cold god.HADES was often potrayed as holding a key wich simbalized his role as a jailer of the dead.HADES also had a helmet that could make awear ivisable. story life about HADDES about Hades his life his f@mily ! Hades was the son of the Titans family .his parents were Corns and Rea .His brither was zeus ,the ruler of gods. also he had another brother posedien, witch he was the ruler of the sea.even though he was the ruler of the under world he still had to follow the commands of his brother zeus. Hades's wife's name is persephone and hisloved each other . Hades and his wife Persephone loved each other out of all the (marriagesof god and the goddesses), hades and persephone are the only couple that did not cheat on each other . out on the other couples that did cheat on each other.hi also has another familey memeber, his sister hasitia. hades and his wife persephone hades and his wife persephone never had childrenbut she was always respected by him even though they never had children that is persephone persephone persephone was a nice woman but her god was the ruler of the under world like her husband hades the ruler of the under world. zeus my brother
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