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Copy of Copy of Grandpa Grant and Dad

No description

Kelty Grant

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Grandpa Grant and Dad

The Grant Clan - 1942
Uncle Hugh, Aunt Mavis and Dad on the farm
Our home on Hickory Street
School days :)
Mom meets Dad
Wedding day
smiles :)
Bruce Grant
Oct. 22, 1940-April 14, 2014

Baby #1 - Kelty was born
Bruce, Kelty and Shep on the farm in Avonmore
Avid hockey player - the Stormont Countymen
First big business venture - Ingleside Lumber
Yearly tradition - visits to Black Bay to Kirk's Cabin <3
Trust dad and Uncle Hugh to up the entertainment value. The Avonmore School Reunion
Dad, Uncle Bob, Grandma, Aunt Mavis and Uncle Hugh at our house on Spruce St.
Trip of a lifetime - dad and I starting our trip in the mountains on horseback
On top of the world!
Karla's Wedding
Baby Grant loves Grandpa
Kiera's first steps were to Grandpa Bruce
Karla's girls, Erika and Olivia, love Grandpa Bruce!
Toronto Maple Leafs - Grant family tradition :)
Dancing with Grandpa Bruce
Grant Family trip to Disney - March 2004. Awesome memories!
Childhood highlight for Grant and Kiera was fishing with Grandpa Bruce. Big brother lends a helping hand :)
He may not have been the world's greatest golfer, but he sure did enjoy it :)
Proud Queen's grad. This influence led both daughters on the path to Queen's.
Uncle Hugh, Dad and their dog.
Lois Craig and Bruce Grant
Kelty and Karla with Dad
Dad could always make us laugh :)
The Migratory Bird Sanctuary was one of dad's favourite places
Christmas dinner at the Hutchingrants :)
Lots of great days on the dock at Dad and Penny's
Grandma Grant's 100th birthday
Dinner is caught! Dad's neighbour, Jerry, helped out with most of the more successful trips ;)
Grandpa Bruce out on the boat with Grant, Kiera and Cousin Holly from Scotland
Christmas 2013
Favourite picture of dad xoxo
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