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Culture In Sierra Leone

No description

Ms. Macauley

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of Culture In Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone
Social Status
UPPER CLASS - Controls and administrates land
LOWER CLASS - Has to be granted land from upper class
Go by different titles -
the chiefs
the rich
traditional rulers
society leaders, etc.
English is the official language
+90% speak the language, Krio
Use's Krio to talk to one another
with different backgrounds/ethnic
Very polite/well mannered
They respect others (especially elders)
Presentation of ones self is very important
(Especially in urban areas)
Shows thanks by leaving food on plate
60% Muslim
30% Christian
10% indigenous beliefs
Considered one of the most
religiously tolerant nations
in the world
Churches are often placed
in central areas

Tribes affect the traditions of marriage and it's ceremonies
Man proposes through gifts/money towards brides family ("Bride price")
Both arranged marriages and 'love' marriages occur
Polygamous marriage is common with in southeastern Sierra Leone
Rice and stew are common foods
Sauces can be made with;
Cassava/Potato Leaves,onions, tomatos, red peppers, and various kinds of oils.
National dish is groundnut stew
Fruit and plantain chips serve as snacks
Music is a combination of;
native, french, british and
creole influences
Rap, Reggae and R&B is apart
of the music
Dance can be used to honor things like;
the deceased, harvasting
crops etc.
Still dress in traditional clothing
Men wear tunic and pants
Women wear dresses and blouses
Isn't uncommon to see American
styled clothing
Music & Dancing
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Pictures Used
(Coat of Arms)
(Church in Freetown)
(Man and Woman Marriage)
(Women in Clothing)
Video Slide:
The flag consists of three horizontal bands of colors;
green (agriculture/natural resources), white (unity/justice) and blue (natural harbor/Freetown peace)
became their flag on April 27, 1961
Coat of arms adopted in 1960
“High We Exalt Thee, Realm of The Free” became national anthem in 1961
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