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The central Processing Unit. The main manufacturers, its main function in relation to a computer, single, dual and quad processors

Sue Edgar

on 18 June 2013

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Transcript of CPU

10 Minute Starter Activity
Online Activity
History of Microprocessors

All must know what CPU stands for

Most should understand the job of the CPU in a computer

Some should to identify different types of CPUs
What does the abbreviation CPU mean?
This is called an 8 bit pattern number grid.
1 bit is the smallest amount of data a computer can store in its memory.

Most computers store data in groups of 8 bits which are called bytes.

Each byte has 256 possible combination of 0s and 1s
How Computer stores data
To minimise human error.

Binary is a breakdown of a complex language into simple 0s and 1s.

The CPU only reads and processes information in 0s and 1s
Reasons for using Binary
Today’s Topic:

Binary Numbers

The decimal number system that we are all familiar with is a positional number system. The actual number of symbols used in a positional number system depends on its base (also called the radix). The highest numerical symbol always has a value of one less than the base. The decimal number system has a base of 10, so the numeral with the highest value is 9; the octal number system has a base of 8, so the numeral with the highest value is 7, the binary number system has a base of 2, so the numeral with the highest value is 1, etc.
Converting Decimals to Binary

It is called the 8 number grid

Starts at 1 and finishes at 7

Because binary is a base 2 number system

Each number is multiplied to the power of 2
The pattern for arranging Bits and Bytes
It is the job of the processor to convert the human language into binary so that the computer can understand:

What to do, e.g. a mathematical calculations

And how to arrange the bits and bytes into a pattern in the memory

When a programmer writes a software he/she uses human language.
Book exercise:
What language does the computer understand?

What is the smallest amount of data a computer can store?

What is the smallest unit of information that can be store on a computer?
What is the language spoken in England

What is the language spoken in France
We all speak a language that can be understood by some or others.

All MUST understand the language computer understands.

Most COULD convert decimals to binary

Some SHOULD convert binary to decimals

Learning Outcomes

Programmers writing programmes

Size of software programs

Saving files with graphics, audio and movies

To know when our storage space is near its capacity.
Knowing how much computer memory
Dividing the HD
Separate data areas
Managing space on a HD
Used: 2MB, Unused: 10GB
Each drive is organised by labelling
Putting back together all related files
Helps the computer to be faster
It is like returning books to their original positions
in a filing cabinet
Helps computer access files more efficiently
Open and upload files quicker
Different types of CPU
Single Core Processor
Is the CPU hardware or Software?
What is the main function of the CPU in relation to the computer.
Dual Core Processor
Quad Core Processor
Image of a CPU
Open a Word document and list the
main features of CPU. Upload to Fronter
Class activity
How many instructions can a single core processor execute at any one time?

How many independent chips in a quad-core processor?

What does PCU means?

Is a single-core quicker than a quad-core processor?

Are microprocessors hardware or software
Call Register
Microprocessors shaping the world
Extra Videos
What is are transistors. How do they work?
Disk Partitioning or Disk Fragmentation
Main manufacturers of CPU (microprocessors)
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