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What makes a good teacher

No description

Nelson Arditto

on 28 September 2014

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Transcript of What makes a good teacher

Being a role model
A facilitator
A good teacher encourages students to find solutions to problems, to notice language, to use dictionaries, to be autonomous, rather than 'spoonfeeding' them.

They must be ready to choose a suitable approach to meet the aims of the lesson and cater for individual learning needs.
Good teachers will treat parents as allies. They will communicate with them on a regular basis and collect suitable evidence of learning to satisfy parents' demands.
Parents will expect good teachers to strike rapport with their children, give children personalised attention to make them feel valued and help them excel in their coursework (tests, continuous assessment, project work, etc)
Professional behaviour
Managers and teaching professionals expect good teachers to be innovative, cooperative, reliable and upgrade their knowledge and skills.

CPD (Continuing Professional Development) and reflection will be important in a teacher's career to become more effective practitioners.

CPD includes doing action research or a course.
Being student-centred
Students will have their own abilities and limitations, and a good teacher will be familiar with these. A good teacher will also encourage students to participate and do most of the 'talking' or 'doing' in a lesson.

A good teacher will be able to foresee who will need more or less support with a particular activity and will plan stages and interaction/grouping accordingly.
Choosing and adapting materials
A good teacher will choose material that is appropriate to the learners' interests and linguistic ability.

Sometimes, the teacher will have to adapt existing material to make it more relevant or interesting to her students. Or perhaps adapt the language difficulty of an activity e.g. changing the order of activities, skipping or adding an activity, extending a coursebook activity, etc.
Learner styles
A good teacher should include a variety of activity types to suit various learner styles in her students.

For example, using flashcards to present vocabulary in a song (visual). Students then do a board race activity to practise this vocabulary (kinaesthetic). Finally, students sing the song (auditory)
A positive learning environment
A good teacher will help to make a environment where students will feel safe and valued. They will praise and listen to their students, and be interested in what they say.
Good teachers will also understand there are mixed abilities in a class, and will challenge the stronger students while providing weaker students with extra support.
Positive learning!
What makes a good teacher
Module 7
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