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Golf Etiquettes

No description

Benoît Huard

on 5 April 2011

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Transcript of Golf Etiquettes

Etiquettes Golf is truly a pleasant sport that you can play with your friends. However, before playing, you should know all the golf's etiquettes, because it constitutes an important part of the game. This presentation will show you what you should do during a round of golf. First Before going on the court, make sure you have a lot of balls, because, if you lose a ball, you cannot spend too much time looking for it. Second Third Fourth In a bunker (sand) On the green On the first teeing ground On the court You have to wait until the group in front of you finish his hole before start. On all the teeing grounds, you should be quiet while another player is swinging. Do not walk through the putting line of a partner. Your footprints may alter the green. You should not walk behind the hole while your partner is putting. It may disturb him. After hitting your ball, you must rake where you walked. Now that everybody knows most of the golf's etiquettes, you can start a round of golf and... At the end, you should shake hands and congratulate the winner. You must replace your divots. You have to be ready when it is your turn to play because your partners may not want to wait. Have fun !
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