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Network School

on 13 March 2017

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Transcript of Migration

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Migration is when a person or a group of people move to a other place. It might be far place or not so far away, animals also migrate(especially birds).
Migration can be caused by good things or bad things. People Migrate often because of their jobs or trying to get a job. Or that people are wanting to go out of the country because: something bad has happened, they don't like the place their living in, war, racism, health care, education.
what Migration means
illegal migration
Why do people migrate
push factors:
is something that pushes you away from where you're living because of something that is not so good or very bad.
pull factors:
is something that pulls you to a country that you like.
push factors and pull factors
immigration problems
many migrates often are unskilled for a job and then get little waged. immigrates can also get quick diseases from moving into the country. they then have to get medicine and health care.
immigrants can also go through discrimination and racism. like if they cant speak the language in the country or behave like the country they would feel left out
illegal migration is when someone is
going into a country without permission from the Government or
boarder .illegal migration is mostly followed by pull factors sometimes groups of people help illegal migrates to sneak into the country. which ends up to illegal working and then its called
Human Trafficking!
types of migration
Intercontinental: Is when the movement is to a continent.
Rural to Urban: is when someone from the countryside migrates to the city or town.
Force migration: is when the Government or authorities force people to migrate for a reason.
Impelled Migration: is when you are deciding to move because of difficulty of conditions like war ,hunger.
Seasonal migration: is when people migrate because of a season.
Return migration: Is when someone is migrating to the same place
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