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Disability: American Disabled for Accessible Public Transit (1983)

Social Studies -_-

Kate Moe

on 3 March 2011

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Transcript of Disability: American Disabled for Accessible Public Transit (1983)

American Disabled for Accessible Public Transit (ADAPT) ADAPT is an organization that fights for rights for people with disabilities such as transportation. They hold peaceful demonstrations to insure that people with disabilities have civil and human rights. The organization was started by Wade Blank in 1983 in Denver Colorado. Previous to starting ADAPT, Wade worked at a nursing home and saw how bad some of the living conditions were. He later started planning activities for the residents. He later got fired from that job. This is what gave Wade the idea to start ADAPT. The main objective of this group is to make sure that people with disability have supportive living, so resident don't live their whole lives in nursing homes and institutional facilities. It also helps provides transportation for people with disabilities, such as the city bus. In 1989 ADAPT was involved in a very important case, in was ADAPT v. Burnley. The court case was about the freedom of people with disabilities to ride the public bus. People came from all parts of the country to protest. It was a very important case for ADAPT, it gave people the freedom to ride public buses. Tim Cook was ADAPT’s first lawyer and won the case, Tim did a great job in the court room. Even though Tim was the one in the court room it may not have made as big of an impact if it wasn’t for the many ADAPT protesters. ADAPT is no longer a acronym, they have official changed their name to ADAPT for good. To help dramatize and express the passion ADAPT had for transportation for the disabled, they expressed how important it was to have disabled accessible places for people with disabilities. For example, wheelchair users would stop buses and others they would get out of their wheelchairs and crawl up the stairs to show how important it is, all forms of buses were targeted, from public buses like RTA and CATS to interstate buses like Greyhound. Now there are proper accommodations have been made for people with disabilies. For instance, there are now wheelchair lifts onto the buses, elevators, stair-chairs, wheel chairs, are major contributions that we still use up to this day. Work cited
ADAPT does a lot in the community to help people with disabilities, for example during may of this year they are holding a “fun race for disability rights” in Washington d.c.. A lot of the events held by ADAPT are in the community and for publicity.
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