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Blood Transfusion Review

No description

Lori Levy

on 11 April 2016

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Transcript of Blood Transfusion Review

Blood Transfusion Review
Lori Levy, MSN, RN
NURS 4511 Spring, 2016

Articles Necessary
Patent IV infusing with NS
Units of blood
Y-type infusion set
Agency policy
1. List steps taken pre-transfusion

2. State articles necessary for blood transfusion

3. Describe the blood transfusion procedure

4. Discuss elements post-transfusion

5. Execute plan for transfusion reaction
Provider's order
Signed consent
Type & Cross-match within 72 hours
Patent IV
Start with 14-24g catheter
Infuse with NS
Baseline VS
Assess and educate patient on procedure/signs of transfusion reaction

Obtain baseline VS
Verify with 2nd RN:
Patient per agency policy
Signed consent
All documents match
Transfusion record
Units of blood
Blood bank form
Pt's blood type to unit of blood
Expiration date on unit
Using Aseptic Technique
Spike blood bag with other y-line
Close NS clamp
Open blood clamp
Infuse at 2 ml/min or 20 gtt/min (macrodrip)

Transfusion Reaction
Low back pain

During Transfusion
Stay with patient first 15 minutes

Obtain VS @ 5 min, 15 min, then q30 minutes until 1 hour post infusion

Post- Transfusion
Close blood y-clamp
Open NS y-clamp
Infuse to clear
Assess and obtain VS per policy
Dispose of per policy

Case Study:
You have initiated a blood transfusion on Sue Jones, a 45-year-old woman who had a right hip arthroplasty yesterday. She tells you she is experiencing lower back pain. What do you do?
Type: Can receive:

AB O, A, B, AB
Rh+ Rh+, Rh-
Rh- Rh-
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