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Planning & Evaluation

No description

Charlie Mertz

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Planning & Evaluation

0.8 MILES Charlotte Mertz
Candidate number: 1604
Centre number: 33435
Unit: G324 WHAT IS A DOCUMENTARY? A documentary is... A name for a piece of film that
is not fictional It is sometimes called cinema Verite... this means true film Documentaries are often investigative Can either be in fim or TV formats and are sometimes presented as part of a series, e.g. Channel 4's 'cutting edge' TYPES OF DOCUMENTARY FLY ON THE WALL INVESTIGATIVE HISTORICAL SHOCK DOCUSOAP PERSONALITY OBJECTIVE DRAMA The only comentary
comes from the people
the product is made about The camerica is 'invisible'
as the subjects go about
their daily lives.
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