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Nathan Hale

No description

Meri Almonte

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Nathan Hale

American Legend by: Meri Almonte contributions During the fight for New York Nathan Hale became an American legend.
Nathan Hale was a Connecticut officer and he volunteered for dangerous spy duty.
during the battle of of long Island in 1776.
His mission was to collect information about the British battle plans. What Nathan hale did for the American revolution? He joined the Connecticut militia when the revolution war began.
He volunteered to spy the British troops movements.
Nathan Hale lost his life for his country. Nathan Hale was a teacher before he joined the Connecticut militia. September 21, 1776 When he saw the British flag on the boat he stared to run, that night the british capture him. Nathan Hale He disguised himself as a traveling schoolteacher and wondered through the british camps spying on the soldiers and reporting on troops movement. when he was over with his mission he had to wait for a boat to take him across the east river. he though that the boat that was approaching the shore was from his fallow patriots, so he called them to let them know that he was there. On September 22, 1776 On September 22, 1776 Nathan hale was hanged by the British as a spy. He knew that if he was discovered he would be put to death by hanging this fate was the punishment for being a spy. the last words that he said before he was hanged were "I only reject that I have but one life to lose for my country." he was captured on September 21, 1776. September 21, 1776. Nathan hale was very young when he die.
He was a little more than twenty-one years old when he was hanged. he was hanged in the city of New York. He was hanged by orders of general William Howe. Dates: nathan hale was born on 1755 and die on 1776. he die on September 22, 1776 he was captured in September 21, 1777 Places: he was hanged in the city of New york Nathan was captured near the east river. he was spying the british in the long island. Nathan Hale agree to take on his dangerous mission for his friends, his commander in chief,general George Washington, and for his country. He was willing to take that chance he was hanged for treason Sources: Printed sources:
s.s text book
Why We Fought (key people of the revolutionary war) Online sources: americanslibrary.gov
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