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Cold War: From Allies to Enemies


Christine Nyback

on 22 August 2010

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Transcript of Cold War: From Allies to Enemies

Cold War
Seeds of the Cold War
Free Market Economy
Command Economy
Early Tension
Russian Revolution
Kerensky's Government
Lenin and Bolsheviks
overthrow Kerensky's Government
Create Communist State
Bolsheviks made separate Peace Agreement with Germany...
Allies felt abandoned
"White" Russians rise up against Bolshevik rule... U.S. and other allied powers send troops to help overthrow the new communist government.
Churchill: "We must strangle the infant Bolshevism in its cradle." (check quote)
"Red Scare" in the U.S.
Purge of supposed capitalist sympathizers in Soviet Union
Mark Twain once commented that New York City's industries "have made 5,000 men wealthy, and for a good round million of her citizens they have made it a matter of the closest kind of scratching to get along" (Mark Twain's New York -- A Birthday Walking Tour).
US Propaganda at the beginning of the Cold War
After the Soviets got THE BOMB
"Duck and Cover"

Churchill's Fulton Speech: "Iron Curtain"
Opposing Beliefs/Ideas
about the best kind of
government and economy
Soviet Aggression in Eastern Europe
after WWII - "Salami Tactics"
Nazi-Soviet Pact
Potsdam Conference 1945
When it came to the question of what to do with Eastern Europe after WWII, Stalin (USSR) and Truman (US) had opposing goals.
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