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PH 223 34:3-5

No description

Richard Datwyler

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of PH 223 34:3-5

Show that this is the same field around the wire
What is the magnetic field strength at the edge of the capacitor
What is the magnetic field strength inside the capacitor at a point 0.50 cm from the axis?
A 2.0 cm diameter parallel plate capacitor with a 1.0 mm spacing is being charged at a rate of 0.50 C/s.
7.0 cm from axis
3.0 cm from axis
On axis
A 10 cm diameter parallel plate capacitor has a 1.0 mm spacing. The electric field between the plates is increasing at a rate of 1.0 x 10^6 V/m s. What is the magnetic field strength
In an EM wave, at one instant the Electric field has an amplitude of 10 V/m, what is the amplitude of the magnetic field?
Old review material
20 Waves
21 Standing waves
22 Light interference
23 Refraction
24 Multiple lenses
25 Charges
26 Electric field
27 Gauss law
28 Electric potential
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