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No description

Brittany Siegel

on 18 October 2016

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Transcript of NURSING

Why Nursing?
Nurses are always needed
Get the chance and honor of helping others
Gain medical knowledge
Financial stability
Option to work full-time, part-time, weekdays, or weekends
Future Outlook for Nursing
There are always openings in the medical field, this is a fast-growing field in high demand
Over half a million nursing positions are projected to open up before 2022
Nursing employment is expected to increase 31% within the next 6 years
Current Opportunities
There are currently over 104 nursing specialties
These specialties include:
Preoperative Nurse
Neonatal Nurse
Orthopedic nurse
Pediatric nurse
Pain Management Nurse
Psychiatric Nurse
Personal Care Service

Related Jobs
Health Technologist
Home Health Aide
Pharmacy Technician
Certified medical assistant
Health Services Manager
Emergency Medical Technician
Radiologic technologist
Required Education
There are two categories of nurses, Licensed practical nurse (LPN) and Registered nurse (RN).
Career Overview
"Nurses support the general practitioners, physicians, dentists, and surgeons, and provide hands-on care for the sick and the injured."
Nurses are essential to medical practices.
By: Brittany Siegel
High school diploma
Earn a states license
High school diploma
Earn a states license
Associates or Bachelor's degree
Licensed Practical Nurses make on average, $44,030 per year
Registered Nurses make on average, $71,000
The highest 10% of RN's make $101, 630 per year
Additional skills Required for Nursing
Technical skills
Interpersonal Skills
Critical thinking
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