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Popcorn and Datahug - Leveraging Big Data at the Nexus of Social, Mobile and Cloud

The presentation outlines the demo scenario that is provided by the Plantronics Developer Platform that enabled ThreeWill and Datahug to vastly improve the call workflow.

Tommy Ryan

on 16 August 2015

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Transcript of Popcorn and Datahug - Leveraging Big Data at the Nexus of Social, Mobile and Cloud

at the Nexus of Social, Mobile and Cloud Leveraging Big Data Frame the Scenario GE has a small department using iConference
Our stakeholder is Connor Murphy who is in charge of the iConference trial
Salesforce is the CRM repository for Customers and Leads
Tommy, the Mobile Sales Pro, is using Popcorn to get information from Salesforce Cloud pushed to him based on incoming caller ID Unexpected Call from Customer Connor (GE) calling to renew his trial
Popcorn pulls in Conner's Salesforce context (profile, call logs, etc.) - including last call details
Here is our opportunity to help Connor with intelligent context Making the Connection Connor indicates that they are the only department using iConference and would need executive sponsorship to buy our software
Based on the relationships in Datahug, we can leverage the right relationship to move the deal forward Who Knows Whom We look for the best connection we can find via Datahug
Using Datahug we can navigate the relationships that will help us find executive sponsorship Moving the Deal Forward We found through Datahug that our VP of HR (Amy) worked with the CFO of GE (Sonya) on her last job
We leveraged that connection to get a meeting setup with the CFO to present a business case for iConference
Now we can easily close this loop by logging the call ring into Salesforce from the Popcorn UI Popcorn is an innovative app that helps you better respond to incoming calls by pulling in relevant cloud data about callers and by making it convenient to complete important tasks (like logging calls for the sales professional).

Popcorn facilitates better conversation and follow-up through improved context about the caller before, during, and after the call. Popcorn It helps increase sales:
Pinpointing who knows who and how well they know them directs sales people to internal sources with connections which can then help qualify, navigate and close deals faster.

It makes each sale happen faster:
Uncovering company connections into target
accounts, helps sales people get better meetings faster.

It improves win ratios:
Knowing who knows who enables sales people to leverage connections to better qualify sales opportunities to pursue.

It widens the net:
Using software to systematically monitor and analyze contacts uncovers more relationships faster than any manual approach ever could. Datahug Leveraging Big Data at the Nexus of Social, Mobile and
Cloud Contextual Intelligence Social Mobile Cloud This demo shows the next generation of CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) via bringing CTI to the mobile sales professional and leveraging the intelligence of your organization that is typically left untapped, which is your everyday email and phone calls.

This demo will show the next generation of CTI:
Social - Through Datahug, we are taking the everyday social interactions of email and phone calls and surfacing your relevant relationships
Mobile - Through the Spokes Platform, we are able to use the Mobile telephony to connect to your enterprise investments
Cloud - Through Popcorn, we are contextually pulling the sales professional into the cloud data that matters most to the conversation What are we going to show you Better Workflow at the Nexus of Social, Mobile and Cloud Customer Connor Murphy
Senior Analyst at GE Vendor Tommy Ryan
Sales at iConference (Note: need to change this to 9/12/2012)
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