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The Story Behind the Cloak

No description

Jo Ann Ashby

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of The Story Behind the Cloak

Little Red Riding Hood
A young girl is sent on an errand to her grandmother's house to deliver a basket of goodies. Along the way, she encounters a wolf who manipulates the young girl into telling him where she is going. He then takes a short-cut, arrives before her, eats her grandmother, disguises himself as her grandmother, and lays in wait for Little Red to arrive.
Why do Origins of Stories Matter?
Folklore is a marker of the history of human beings. The tales show the migration, evolution, and interactions of humans.

Some stories have roots in true life events that have been altered or embellished over time. Other tales are purely fictional. But, most have some underlying message or moral.

Even the moral of Little Red Riding Hood varies depending on the version told. Some popular opinions include;

"Never talk to strangers"
"Be careful who you trust" and
"Always follow your mother's rules"
Lil' Red Worldwide
The Phylogeny of Little Red Riding Hood
What Happens Next?
Well, that depends on the version of the story. According to an article written in National Geographic called, "What Wide Origins You Have", the tale has been told and retold since the 11th century and originated as an oral poem told by a priest about a peasant girl wearing a red baptism tunic who wanders away from home and meets a wolf. The article goes on to state that there are versions of this tale told from North America to Europe, East Asia and Africa. In fact, "in parts of Iran, the child in peril is a boy, because little girls wouldn't wander out on their own. In Africa, the villain could be a fox or a hyena. In East Asia, the predator is more likely to be a big cat" (H. Shea R).
The Story Behind The Cloak:
Pretty Salma
Pretty Salma
is an African version of
Little Red Riding Hood
. In this version, a young African girl is sent by her Granny to town with a shopping list, warning her not to talk to strangers. On the way home, she decides to take a shortcut through the wild side of town, meeting Mr. Dog along the way. Mr. Dog tricks Salma and ends up with all of her possessions; her white beads, striped ntama and yellow sandals, then heads back for Granny's house. Salma runs to her grandfather for help and the two of them arrive just in time to save Granny.
Check this out------------->>>
Other Versions from around the world
Little Red Cap-French
Motikatika and the Orge-Africa
The Tiger Grandmother- Japan, Korea, and China
Little Red Hat- Italy
Little Red Hood- Germany and Poland

According to Smithsonian.com there are as many as 58 versions of Little Red Riding Hood.
Though popularized by the famous Brothers Grimm in their tale,
"They didn't win any prizes for originality" (Nuwer, R). According to Ms. Nuwer,
The Wolf and The Kids
-the Middle Eastern version is more than 1,000 years older than The Brothers Grimm version.
One very warm summer morning, I awakened feeling like a bird in a cage. I could not wait to get up and dressed and head outside to enjoy my day.

I bathed, ate breakfast, and headed toward the front door. Just then, my mother yelled, "LaShawn. Please bring this container of Roti over to Pa pa's house. It is fresh out of the pan just the way he likes it".

Happy to have a reason to see my granddad, I grabbed the warm bread and faster than the speed of light, I was out of the door.
The scent of my mother's homemade Roti made my belly grumble with hunger even though I had just eaten.
The scent must have filled the entire block, because before I knew it Seth Mills from across the hall was following behind me like a lost puppy.
The little greedy boy is as sly as a fox and as sneaky as a wolf. He always tries to trick folks out of their things.
But, I was ready...or at least I thought I was...

Seth Mills came charging past me and tried to snatch my basket. Luckily I had a tight grip. Instead of getting away with my Roti, he got a face full of concrete.

Back at Pa pa's house we sat, ate Roti, made curry chicken to go with it for dinner, and laughed at poor little Seth "The Wolf" Mills!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Little Brown Riding Hood
Once upon a time....

Yea, yea. You know how it goes. That one about the little girl who goes off into the woods alone and ends up in some mess with a wolf.

Well, I'm gonna tell ya what really happened.
Introducing Little Brown Riding Hood by J. Leah Ashby
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