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Being A Leader

No description

Hammad Ahmed

on 20 May 2016

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Transcript of Being A Leader

Set Clear Expectations
Being a Leader
The action of leading a group of people or an organization can be achieved by applying these few steps. Although being a leader does not mean limit yourself to these point
"Great leaders do not desire to lead but to serve"
-Myles Munroe
Positive Attitude
Be A Good Role Model
Provide Support
Good Communication
-Think positive.
-Kill negative thoughts
-Be kind and generous.
-Know your principles and live them.
-Empower yourself with knowledge.
-Get active
-Groom yourself.

-Learn to Listen
-Be Aware of Other Peoples Emotions
-Empathise (see things from the point-of-view of others.)
-Expect and encourage teamwork.
-committed to team success
-help grow the commitment of others
-Focus on relationships
-Be supportive


-Understanding Yourself
-Understanding Others
-Nonverbal Empathy
-Keep a gratitude journal
-Reframe your challenges.
-Get good at being rejected.
-Use positive words to describe your life.

-Be Clear on What You Want
-Ask Clarifying Questions up Front
-Avoid Managing the “How”
-Manage the Outcome
-Optimistic and Creative

Done by
HAmmad Ahmed
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